Views of a new libertarian socialist: Attacks on Freedom from the Right

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"There are mass murderers, serial rapists, organized crime, kingpins, pedophiles, and other despicable criminals. But when they go on trial, they all have a right under the laws of this land to defense counsel. From the time of John Adams providing defense counsel to British soldiers accused of murder in the Boston Massacre, the tradition is not to look down upon those who defend unpopular defendants.

"And we need this right to prevent government tyranny. Without a trial system where the government has to prove its case, it would be all to easy to trump up a case against anyone it didn't like or considered an "enemy." If they do that to detainees or alleged terrorists today, they could do that to you and me tomorrow!"

We don't hear very often from libertarian socialists. Noam Chomsky once said that's he's ideology however. This would be relatively non-coercive socialism.

Exactly where "democracy" fits in has not been well-defined in the United States for one, because the ideology is not often discussed as an option right along with neoconservatism, libertarian capitalism, liberalism, Christianity (yes, it's a political-economic system) etc.

Socialism and communism are "bad" words simply because they are always associated by the "right-wing" libertarians with coercion. Jesus was not coercive, but he was communist, despite all the attempts by naysayers to paint him as a capitalist of all things.    

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