This video is loaded with info. It's very well done.

A few things in the video "911 - FALSE FLAG" were new to me.

Atta boarded a plane in Portland on 9/11, not Boston. The video showing him rushing to board in Boston is of Portland according to this video. That was new to me.

Then there's Pete Zalewski (15:20), the air-traffic controller. This Pete Zalewski was the controller on both planes that hit the Twin Towers. He did not follow proper procedures according to the video. He was also reportedly the controller for EgyptAir Flight 990 in 1999. The video reminded me that the plane was loaded with Egyptian military brass. If memory serves, that plane went down for the same reason that JFK, Jr.'s plane went down — something to do with the fuel tank switch being locked. I went back in my archive and here's what I had reported about it.

From the video, with some insightful commentary:

At 8:13 Pete Zalewski sees the information on his radar screen that the transponder is no longer transmitting, that the pilot of American Airlines flight 11 is no longer responding and that the flight route has been changed.

Instead of immediately sounding the alarm we hear that he attempted repeatedly to contact the aircraft. From 8:13 to 8:24 a.m., this Pete Zalewski supposedly called the captain of AA11, "Hello.. please respond," as opposed to the necessity of securing the airspace he has nothing better to do than try to restore contact. No! I cannot believe that. That cannot be true. If I were the head of an air traffic control center, I would replace the person when I ascertained, that an aircraft that he was responsible for just disappeared into the World Trade Center. He was also responsible for the second aircraft, United Airlines flight 175. The most interesting thing yet, which has been reported by another air traffic controller, is that he was responsible for a third plane - Egypt Airlines flight 990, two years prior, that was packed to the brim with Egyptian military officials of the highest rank. It executed a strange maneuver near the coast then sank into the Atlantic.

After watching this video listen to the details how the evidence established beyond reasonable doubt that EgyptAir 990 was taken over by remote control in the early hours of Oct. 31, 1999. I was interviewed by Guiliani here in 2006 but also by Tom Valentine's program where I was interviewed along with Chris Bollyn. I had no idea until seeing the above German clip that the same JEWISH air traffic controller happened to be assigned to be ATC for Egypt Air and both WTC tower planes. (Source)

Something else new to me was that Paul Wolfowitz had actually written in his Defense Planning Guidance report of 1991 that racially or ethnically oriented biological weapons could be developed and be politically useful. I was aware that he wrote the report and that it was extremely controversial at the time, but that part was new to me. That part shows the mentality of the neocons, the Hellenized Jewish Straussians (the "noble" liars after Plato the anti-Christ). I do recall that the report called for the U.S. to deny all would-be rivals by pre-empting them and taking over the oil resources and transportation corridors that any would-be rival would require.

I was aware that the "terrorists" were not on the 9/11 passenger lists, but I was not up-to-speed on the lack of DNA evidence even though nearly all other passengers were identified. (See: "Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77")

The video goes into 7/7 in London. It shows that a video held out by the authorities as showing the "terrorists" on 7/7 contains the date stamp of a week earlier. The video makers marvel at just how stupid the authorities are but also at how stupid the public is for going along with it all.

The video doesn't cover many, many points that other accounts have covered, but no video of this length could cover all the points I've seen unless the video didn't provide much if any discussion or background material.

It doesn't mention the following:

  • That Tony Gentry the General Counsel of Army Intelligence and Security Command ordered 2.5 terrabytes of Able Danger information destroyed
  • That the FAA manager in New York destroyed the air-traffic controllers tapes covering 9-11 (he had them diced up and put into several different trash cans - was he taken out and summarily shot?)
  • Un-ignited nanothermite found throughout the dust around ground zero
  • Dick Cheney being asked if the order not to shoot down the plane still stands
  • That the BBC and others had announced Bldg 7 being demolished before it actually even began collapsing (The BBC feed was instantly cut)
  • That the former FBI agent, John O'Neill, who had been very upset and I believe resigned because he was not allowed to investigate al Qaeda leads, was on his first day on the job working security in the Twin Towers and died there on 9/11
  • The warnings that came pouring in to the government from foreign governments that something was up for that day in New York
  • The warning that certain officials received not to fly that day (Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco being just one)
  • The terrorist drill planned for the ground zero area (the "emergency" team was in the area), which drill was in addition to the 6 or 7+ war games on-going, one of which included a plane flying into a building, and all of which was to cause confusion and to blur the entire military and law-enforcement (odds against these things not being deliberate are so astronomical as to be impossible)
  • The doubling of the insurance coverage upon the new neocon-Zionist owner, Larry Silverstein, taking over the white elephant that was the WTC
  • That the 9/11 Commission was run behind the scenes by a White House confidante, neocon, Philip Zelikow, who barred all sorts of avenues of investigation
  • That Mossad agents were crawling all over the same places being frequented by the 19 so-called terrorists (Carl Cameron, of FOX News, did a rather thorough report on it that was subsequently censored)
  • That text-messaging warnings were issued over an Israeli owned text-messaging service before 9/11 that people shouldn't go to ground zero
  • That vehicles were stopped in and around New York that contained unexplained explosives (Israelis in a white van loaded with explosives were stopped on the George Washington Bridge on-ramp)
  • Construction work in the Twin Tower elevator-shaft areas where the main core support columns were located, which construction had been going on for many weeks before 9/11
  • That the Black Boxes (flight-data recorders and cockpit-voice recorders) for the Twin Tower planes were found and their contents have been kept secret
  • That the cockpit recorders in the other two planes were supposedly blank
  • That all the video recordings taken from the area surrounding the Pentagon, including on private/commercial/civilian property, were confiscated and to date, have not been released
  • The complete list of even the most famous false-flag operations

I don't mention these things to put down the video at all but simply to help re-memorialize them. I'm certainly not mentioning everything I could that the video didn't cover. Since the video is packed though and there is so much more, it all just goes to show how much evidence there is that screams out for a new, independent, no-holds-barred, criminal investigation.

Regarding the first Twin Towers bombing (basement-garage bombing during the Clinton administration), the FBI supplied the explosives.

Concerning the Oklahoma bombing (mentioned), there was a suppressed report that charges were found in the building.

The Madrid bombing is also clearly false-flag. The head of the Spanish anti-terrorism unit was in close contact with the supposed terrorists. All of it reportedly came out in the Spanish court, but nothing global has come of it yet.

The Mumbai train bombing was almost certainly false-flag too, but there hasn't been nearly the independent investigation into the details that there has been concerning 9/11, 7/7, and Madrid.

The video goes on to describe what appears to be terrorist plans staged by and thwarted by the German authorities.

False-flag operations go way back. The list of suspected and uncovered, major false-flag operations is very long. False-flag operations literally have been standard operating procedure for centuries now.

The Lusitania hoax was used to get the U.S. into WWI. The sinking of the U.S.S Maine in Havana Harbor was used to get the U.S. into a war against Spain to strip Spain of its old imperial holdings to bring those holdings under the United States.

During WWII, the Filipinos were actually being called "Americans" for the sake of the war effort. It was ridiculous false-propaganda spewed out by Hollywood types in service of the War Department/Pentagon. Governments lie.

That there have been major false-flag operations is irrefutable. The most glaring in the minds of Americans (so far) concerning the Zionists is the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.

9/11 must not be viewed in isolation. For instance, the George W. Bush election theft in the 2000 election is directly tied in. The Anthrax Attacks nearly immediately after are also directly tied in. Of course, there were all the lies concerning both Afghanistan and especially Iraq in the lead-up to the invasion with the Yellowcake Forgery. Going back further, the assassinations of various leaders, often while flying in smallish planes, ties in. The magic bullet [update] and lone gunman, official, non-conspiracy theories concerning John F. Kennedy, Sr.'s assassination stand out as irrefutable. Information tying the CIA to the assassination of Robert Kennedy has been roundly suppressed. There were CIA operatives there undercover who reportedly hated Robert Kennedy and the Kennedys over the Cuban situation. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s family won a civil suit for the government's assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. That is not widely appreciated yet. As I mentioned above, there are eerie similarities in the downing of Egyptian flight 990 and the downing of John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s plane. John F. Kennedy, Jr. had promised that if he obtained the office of the Presidency, he would reopen the files on this father and uncle. Robert Kennedy, Sr. had also said the same concerning his brother's assassination (which was a neocon coup d'état; treason - a capital offense). Lyndon Johnson was working with the Israelis, as the U.S.S. Liberty incident clearly demonstrates.

Here are sites referenced in the video. Note that websites come and go. Their contents though (main points) are usually brought forward via other, newer sites:

inforwars.com is also referenced, but I want to mention something that is happening right now (breaking) that concerns Alex Jones and his inforwars.com and Prison Planet site.

That neocons who are always Zionists were behind 9/11 is irrefutable. The people who are stating this most fervently are those who hate Zionism but also contain people who go beyond that to hating all Jews (religious, genetic, or otherwise). There is a spectrum of hatred. Exactly where individuals draw the line is critical. It is completely correct to hate evil. In fact, it's mandatory in terms of ultimate reality. It must be understood that just because there are real racists and ethnic bigots who state truths against Zionism does not render those truths untrue (obviously). This is the most important thing in the world to understand right now. Eventually, all racists and ethnic bigots will be gone; but until then, it is required that truth seekers rightly divide the truth from the falsehood regardless of who is saying what. Do not throw away the truth as you rightly denounce racism and ethnic bigotry.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith (sons of the covenant) draws the line at all criticism (constructive or otherwise) of the secular-cum-theological state of Israel that is the Zionist Project. They equate Zionism with Jewishness. I do not. Many Jews also do not and rightly so. The ADL believes that by suppressing all criticism, they will prevent another holocaust as they've defined and represented the facts and myths surrounding the Nazis' actions and inactions concerning Jews in particular to the near indifference of the other ethnics and religious and others who also suffered under, or due to, Nazism, which was not completely loathed by as many people as the Zionists would have the world now believe - even force the world not to examine in the full light of truth.

In other words, the Zionist view is the "law" and anyone who refuses to buy every last bit of it (no matter how outlandish) is to be subjected to punishment. That is sheer evil.

Let me be absolutely clear here. There are numerous Jews who are working to get out the real truth who in doing so are not putting themselves so much at risk of racist-backlash from non-Jews but are mostly at risk of the Zionists. Furthermore, let me state as plainly as I'm able that I stand firmly opposed to doing to the sick Zionists what they have done to others.

I am not in favor of wiping out Israel for the sins of the elitist, supremacist, neocon Likudniks and other Zionists (who are false-Zionists, as Zion in truth, is peace, love, and truth amongst all the family of human kind).

Specifically concerning Alex Jones, he has been timid to lay 9/11 at the feet of neocon-Zionist Jews and non-Jews. There is no doubt though that Zionism is a Jewish invention even though there were many Jews who stood squarely against it and still do for both right and wrong reasons.

Right now though, there is a huge push on by some Americans firmly to connect in the minds of the masses that Jews (certain Jews only - not all Jews!) were behind 9/11 and that the American Pentagon must fight and defeat them. These people consider themselves to be true, traditionally understood, patriots who support the Bill of Rights.

The hinge pin in this movement is one Dr. Alan Sabrosky. Here's a post on FireDogLake, which is a blog that has risen to the level of a "News" site according to Google. "Former Marine & Director of US Army War College Says Mossad Did 9/11."

I just posted the following to my Facebook Wall:


"...the Jewish record in Israel and that of their supporters outside (especially in the US) is one that justifies every shred of anti-Semitism that ever was."

That's wrong. "...the Jewish record in Israel and that of their supporters outside (especially in the US) is one that justifies every shred of [non-violent anti-Zionism] that ever was." Now, that's right.

You can see how the line is so easily crossed as one follows the truth then suddenly steps off the narrow way.

Some of the "information" on various anti-Semitic sites is so bad that one knows that much of that information is planted by those who wish to discredit proper historical investigation. Jews masquerading as anti-Jews is not uncommon. Some "famous" neo-Nazis turned out to be Jews. That's not to say that everyone who does that sort of thing has been created by Mossad. Some people are just driven insane and some gravitate to all sorts of wild ideas that they chisel in granite in their minds.

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