"Why Israel Always Prevails," by Jeffrey Blankfort | Sabbah Report

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"Others point to the nationally televised speech on September 12, 1991 of the first President Bush, who, upon realizing that AIPAC had secured enough votes in both houses of Congress to override his veto of Israel's request for $10 billion in loan guarantees, went before the American public depicting himself as "one lonely little guy" battling a thousand lobbyists on Capitol Hill. A national poll taken immediately afterward gave the president an 85 per cent approval rating which sent the lobby and its Congressional flunkies scuttling into the corner but not before AIPAC director, Tom Dine, exclaimed at that date, Sept. 12, 1991, "would live in infamy." Following the election of Yitzhak Rabin the following year and up for re-election himself, Bush relented and approved the loan guarantee request."

Okay, but let me let everyone in on why Bush won but then lost. It's very simple. He stopped taking it to the American people.

Look, I don't like the George H. W. Bush administration. George (Bush-41) was a boldfaced liar. Consider the "incubator babies" boldfaced lie that tipped the U.S. into supporting attacking Iraq just as his son's Yellowcake lie tipped it again into invading Iraq. That said though, Bush-41 was correct about the Zionists.

So, what is anyone to do? What is Obama to do? It would be a literal, miracle conversion, but he could take it to the American people over and over and over and without backing down once. Would that get him assassinated by the Zionists? They would certainly try. It would be up to those around Obama to put America before Israel. Also, if the Zionists were to assassinate him, the Israelis would have to lose. The American people and the people of the world would have to guarantee that. I'm not suggesting violence. There are other ways. It is possible to win through peace despite what the hawks say.    

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