Conservative Protestants' Religious Beliefs Contribute to Their Low Wealth, Study Shows

First of all, real wealth is not measured in mammon.

"...what has been missing is a clear account of the process by which religion affects the wealth of believers," she said. Nothing has been missing for the believers. The "she" there is Lisa A. Keister, Duke professor of sociology.

"...conservative Protestants have tended to be less educated...." What is being educated? They are educated in the ways of their belief system.

"Wealth is among the most fundamental indicators of well-being." Here again, "well-being" according to whom? What are the things being measured and equated with the well-being in the eyes of Lisa A. Keister? Well-being is subjective in the mundane. To the believer, well-being is closeness to God who is spirit and who cannot ever be measured in full by Lisa A. Keister's brand of so-called knowledge that is what she terms "science."

"Wealth does have some very important advantages. Your wealth doesn't go away if you lose your job, or if you have a medical problem," Keister said. Accumulation will certainly go away as people must live off their so-called savings. What is she talking about?

"You can also pass it to your kids." That's not the idea behind Christianity. Real Christianity is about the spirit of giving and sharing all with all who will accept it. If everyone were a real Christian, everyone would be living in unlimited bounty. Only the hoarders for self-apart-from-God (the apostate) cause the spirit to stand off, as they do not deserve to inherit the kingdom and are getting their selfish reward now.

"It can do all kinds of things for you." It can and does all sorts of evil things to one. The very spirit of selfishness is the root cause of all that plagues humanity and the whole of the Earth and even the entire cosmos. The truth is that this "study" is proselytizing for selfishness and greed and putting self first and foremost, which is the very root of evil.

"— Excess accumulation of wealth is undesirable. More conservative Protestants said money prevents one from knowing God than other people surveyed." This is true when the mammon is not translated into the Christian Commons:

"'Some people have just decided that saving money in my own bank account isn't what they want,' she said, noting that conservative Protestants are among the most generous contributors to churches and related organizations. 'Some people are consciously deciding to do other things with their wealth.'" Yes, some people have given it all away to the cause of the poor and have taken up their cross and are following Jesus to the best of their ability. Would it that everyone would be so.

"Mormons, for example, tend to be religiously conservative but are not asset-poor." Well, they are not Christians, despite their claims to the contrary. A reading of the history of Mormonism clearly shows this.

"'We know very little about how people accumulate assets, about how they save. We don't understand why people are where they are in the distribution,' Keister said." I know exactly why "people are where they are in the distribution." I sure have never needed a sociology professor's "study" to know. The reasons are self-evident. One knows that truth when one sees it. The more selfish (apostate) and cunning in the negatives sense, the "wealthier" one is in the fleeting mammon and, obviously, the less belief that one has in righteousness who is God. That's been known for thousands of years; and if one is truly enlightened, one knows that it has been known since the beginning that is eternity.

Now, all of that having been said, I am not a "conservative Protestant" in the sense Keister has used the terms. My religion goes back to long before the Protestant Reformation. I also don't hold with the secular "conservatives," whether "libertarian" or "neoconservative." I am though very interested in conserving the eternal truths, which is better understood as bringing forth those eternal, objective, absolute truths.    

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