I just wrote a comment over on Facebook in which I had so much fun that I thought I'd post is here. It's pretty self-explanatory:

Well Rick,

Honestly, the French have the highest rated healthcare in the world and it's very socialistic, sort of like the US military only much better.

Chris has a friend who posted a long comment not too long ago about the libertarian capitalist who drives to work on the public roads, etc. It goes on and on through all the different publicly owned things everyone has come to expect and should. I can dig it out if you're interested.

As for the blah, blah, blah, you mentioned are you really suggesting that Phil Gramm and Rubin and Summers and Greenspan, et al., didn't drive through hyper deregulation that led to leverage at north of 30 to 1? Come on. Then it got even worse under Bush-43. The CDOs were all toxic (on purpose). It was all a house of cards.

The "bad" bank now is Freddie and Fannie, and the idiots will kill them with the toxics hidden in then that have been put there in the last several months. You won't hear about that on FOX. Rick. You'll hear plenty about killing them but not the real reason, which is to write off the toxics of Wall Street via US taxpayer's dollars going forward for decades (and you thought healthcare would saddle the nation). They could have created a separate bank to do that, but they picked Freddie and Fannie because those institutions were to help poorer people.

The Fed is buying its own created debt and paying interest on it. These guys are nuts. Bernanke wants no leverage restrictions at all. Do you know what that means when the member banks of the Federal Reserve won't have to have any deposit reserves at all to create money by issuing debt? Well I do, and it's pure Hell. It's over ten times worse than what we have now.

They've saddled the U.S. taxpayers for generations at this rate. If you think the CDSs in the hundreds of trillions of balloon dollars were bad (you do think it was bad, don't you?), then you won't like what they have in store at all. Not only are they still not ready to control the CDSs, they are planning new exotics to hedge the hedges. It's bet on the bet about the bet on the bet only no one will know what the underlying asset is because there's to be pure nothing. Now that's a bubble they'll burst when they figure the people are in amnesia again! Can you say quadrillions? That's what they're planning. It won't take long what with the short attention span of Americans. Hell, the Tea Party already has them all thinking one way when the real problem is somewhere else.

We need to dump the Fed and nationalize the Federal Reserve Notes declaring them all to be interest-free, pure fiat, United States Notes to be used to pay off all obligations and then issued directly into the economy by federal spending on whatever we want (again interest free) and, hold on to your hat, tax free too! That's right, Rick, no interest on the National Debt, no National Debt, and no taxes with money pumped in without inflation or deflation and resulting in full employment. Is it all too good to be true? No, it's too good for the hyper-selfish greedy to go along with it because they wouldn't be able to suck the common people dry.

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