I have been aware that the self-styled Zionists want to become the power, replacing the United States. It's why they are doing what they can to spend America on the Zionist Project, such as working overtime to get the U.S. to attack yet another nation for them – this time Iran, which the U.S. would be that much more insane for doing.

The closer the false-hearted Zionists get to it, the closer they get to the Dark Day of the LORD because they aren't on the side of spiritual righteousness. Most of them are closet atheist/secular-humanists — anti-Christ. They don't ultimately win with or without China, France, Germany, or any other such mundane nation or nations. There is still an Anglo-American-Israeli Military-Financial-Intelligence Empire, but it is doomed to breakup. It is all based upon false wisdom.

The Zionists fail the lessons of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, and Germans, and famines, droughts, pestilences, and other things.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

At the same time, Netanyahu is running scared because his people are not winning the propaganda battle. They want censorship. They'll press the corporate powers where Zionists have sway. Even there though, people are running scared. The Israeli high court has leaned toward open journalism over unjustified state secrets used to mask illegalities. The rest of the judicial branches in the world take heed.

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