Why Israel jailed me for 'talking too much' / The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | "Israel has taken to crushing the grass-roots equivalent of Palestinian Gandhis and Martin Luther Kings."
"Critics in America say the solution is for a Palestinian Gandhi to emerge from within our society. This seems increasingly untenable when unarmed teens and real life Palestinian Gandhis such as Bassem Abu Rahma are killed by an occupying army that regularly meets nonviolence with violence."

It is finally working. Don't give up now! They'll kill all the more if you are violent. They'll lose if you aren't. They want the excuse to vaporize you. Don't let them have it. Americans despise bullies. They won't stand for it long. Be strong. Everything is pointing to the Zionists losing their unholy project.

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