David Suzuki: "Geoengineering is insane" | H.O.M.E.

David Suzuki: "Geoengineering is insane" | H.O.M.E.
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Tom Usher wrote or added | Contrary to the notions of some, Mother Nature is actually not anti-Biblical. I won't go into that here but figured to preempt those who might bristle at a Christian mentioning Mother Nature, as if that would mean I'm a pantheist.

Nevertheless, David Suzuki mentions a number of perfectly valid points in his pointed piece on geoengineering.

I've written a number of times over the years about how technology is being used to outrace its own selfish implementation. It is diseasing the planet, terrible Creation Care, horrible stewardship of the gift, and a completely unrighteous approach.

Yes, technology can be used to work on reducing symptoms and even to reverse diseases, but that will only happen in a truly net-benefit sense when the technology itself comes out from the unselfish spirit, which this current geoengineering attitude does not show at all but rather the exact opposite, which spells doom if we continue long down that truly insane, shortsighted, and yes, evil path.

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