Larry Summers: "mistakes were made," but not by me | BanksterUSA

Larry Summers: "mistakes were made," but not by me | BanksterUSA

Tom Usher wrote or added | Now look here, Larry Summers is an economically stupid man in a high place. It is definitely time for him to go and stay gone (until). He won't even admit he was spinning back when. Barack Obama won't do the really right thing, but at least he could clean economic house and bring in the first team of the real Keynesians and New Dealers who definitely could solve the problems if Obama were to stick to their/his guns and take the real truth to the American people. Bring in Michael Hudson for one. Get William Black in there too. It would be easy to win the game with the right people on the team and calling the plays.

Obama must leave the banksters behind where they belong, or he'll fail. They add nothing!

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