The BRAD BLOG : Napolitano's Move to the Obama Administration Would be a Nightmare Come True for AZ.


Tom Usher wrote or added | Brad Friedman sure called that one right. Arizona is now doing outright racial (skin-color) profiling where the new "reasonable suspicion" standard is you're brown. Well, to all my brown friends I say, it won't stand! There is absolutely no way that this utterly fascistic garbage can be allowed. Brown, Black, White, pink with purple polka dots, no one should be thusly profiled. There has to be real probable cause. Probable cause used to mean something. Being brown is not reasonable grounds upon which to base a belief that a person may have committed a crime.

If a crime has been reported and the report is that a brown person is fleeing the scene and the police show up right then and see a brown skinned person running away and the police stop the person, that's reasonable under the circumstances. However, just pulling over brown people when no specific crime has been reported just to do sweeps of all brown people is edging much closer to the stuff of Nazis.

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