Gamed for Millennia: "Portugal Faces Carve-Up by Financial Speculators" - IPS


Tom Usher wrote or added | "Rui Tavares, ...described the international financial actors preparing to attack the fragile Portuguese economy as 'gigantic octopus-vampires' that manipulate markets.... ... Portugal will have to "pay more interest on its debt, in a climate of economic stagnation, frozen salaries and rising unemployment," the midst of a political power play" in which the conservative opposition is calling for ...spending cuts and further privatisation...."

Read it in one context: "...manipulate markets [for] spending cuts and further privatisation."

The system has been gamed for millennia. It's time the common people develop continuity of historical understanding. The superrich hate their guts and don't give a damn about them other than using and abusing them. It's why Jesus Christ was crucified by monsters he still forgave for their disgusting ignorance even while they knew full well what they were doing: a paradox but where today, the sociopaths have run out of excuses.

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