Obama still in hip pocket of banksters: "William Black explains the "F-word" of banking"

Tom Usher wrote or added | Why is Larry Summers in the Obama administration while this man, William Black, is not? The answer is simple. Obama is still very much in the hip pocket of the banksters; otherwise, Obama would go for broke.

If he were to though, they'd literally try to murder him. What's to live for though in the flesh if one is just going to die into greater sin?

Where's the real, real change? Obama is overly compromising on purpose, which is a terrible error with the forever unrepentant.

I'm not asking for a firing squad but repentance. We don't have to starve the starvers to put things right. We just need to remove wicked supports and let them down gently, which will do everyone, including the banksters, more good than anyone is capable of speaking in this worldly world.

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