Tell the Banksters, "No Mas": "Deficit panel leader says Obama will OK findings"

Tell the Banksters, "No Mas": "Deficit panel leader says Obama will OK findings"

Tom Usher wrote or added | Make sure "efforts to rein in the deficit do not harm Social Security and Medicare benefits and thus jeopardize the retirement and health security of today and tomorrow's retirees." — A. Barry Rand, CEO AARP

"The commission's first act should be to take tax increases off the table." — Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC)

"Conservatives on this commission need to open their minds to the safety net in our country and the troubling plight of many working Americans, and the bleeding-heart liberals on this commission have to open their mind to what it takes to inspire competition and economic growth in our economy and make real sacrifices to strengthen our nation." – Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)

If the U.S. were to end the Fed and nationalized the Fed Notes plus print tax-free, interest-free United States Notes to pay off the National Debt, we'd be home free – easy as pie. Just tell the banksters, "No Mas."

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