We must look back: "Max Keiser takes offense to Goldman Sachs story" (pt1 of 2)

Tom Usher wrote or added | A must watch: Mind you, this was July 16, 2009 and far from when Max began to expose Goldman Sachs. He was way out ahead of the current "news."

Max is absolutely correct that it is a human-rights issue and that Goldman Sachs are terrorists more so than Osama bin Laden. People are dispossessed of their savings and homes and put out on the streets and in tent cities with their little, innocent children due exactly to the system that has Goldman Sachs on top. The world is wrong-side up right now and a gross pyramid of utter evil.

The only way is to look back clearly to identify and memorialize that insanity, to know the errors, to correct the system at the root (radical change) so to never repeat the sins again forever and ever, Amen.

We must look back. We must investigate 9/11 and building 7 that housed the files against the bankster/terrorists.

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