Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for 'War Crimes,' Law Prof Says | Danger Room | Wired.com

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Tom Usher wrote or added | "Why should the CIA, or any other civilian agency, ever use force (leaving aside conventional law enforcement)? Even granting the existence of self-defense as a legal category, why ever have force used by anyone other than the uniformed military?" — Kenneth Anderson, professor of law, American University

"Combat drones are battlefield weapons. They fire missiles or drop bombs capable of inflicting very serious damage. Drones are not lawful for use outside combat zones. Outside such zones, police are the proper law enforcement agents and police are generally required to warn before using lethal force. Restricting drones to the battlefield is the most important single rule governing their use; yet, the United States is failing to follow it more often than not." — Mary Ellen O'Connell, professor of law, University of Notre Dame

[Note: The block quoted statements may not have been said without interspersed language.]

Mary Ellen O'Connell is on the relatively correct track.

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