Fascistic Direction: "Arizona Enacts Stringent Law on Immigration" - NYTimes.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | This law requires one to carry identification that indicates legal status with the United States for the purpose of avoiding deportation. Those not in possession of such "papers" will be subject to arrest. I view such a move clearly as a further edging toward an all-out police-state. As I wrote yesterday, "My reasonable expectation is police will not request citizenship papers from me [or anyone] on a vague hunch or less of illegal-alien status."

Most importantly though is that the issues confronting Arizona and the U.S. should have long ago been handled via a "good neighbor" policy. The lack of such a policy has only exacerbated problems on both sides of the national border. The worst offender was and is NAFTA that required no standards for occupational safety and health, collective bargaining, environmental protection, and many other standards that have been eroded by the forces of greed in the U.S. and with such erosion exported, facilitated, and entrenched elsewhere.

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