Toplines - FDA - April 23-24, 2010 - Rasmussen Reportsâ„¢

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Tom Usher wrote or added | "Some public health groups are urging the FDA to set mandatory standards for how much salt is allowed in food. Should the government set limits on how much salt Americans can eat?"

Now, that's a perfect example of very poor methodology by a Republican-oriented polling company that knows exactly what it's doing. Setting "mandatory standards [upper limits] for how much salt is allowed in food" means stopping processed food manufacturers and fast-food chains from putting unhealthful levels of salt in food. It has nothing to do with how much salt people can shake onto the food they buy. The question is deliberately designed to make a false connection between consumer-health advocacy and taking away people's ability to add salt. In fact, there's more liberty in being given low-sodium food or at least choices to which one may then add salt to taste. Low-sodium foods are now more expensive. The fast-food outlets also use salt to make one thirstier to sell more unhealthy sugar-loaded sodas ...

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