What Likudnik- and self-styled Christian-Zionists have in common with misleading homosexual proselytizers

Thursday, April 29, 2010 reply to one "Will Byrd" on the Facebook group: Homosexuality (And what the Bible says about it.) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=35007209399

Will Byrd,

You made a false statement that "There is not ONE VERSE of scripture to support your view that the Bible, God, Jesus or the Christian faith is against homosexuality." You ducked the direct refutation. If you are an honest person, why did you duck that? The rules of this group include no such ducking. Why did you join this group if you are only going to break the rules? It speaks volumes about you: your character right now. You need to turn and repent.

You accused me of being a homosexual because I'm anti-homosexuality, but you ducked it when I asked if I'm also a militarist or financial predator because I'm anti-war and anti-greed. Your reasoning is clearly in error and definitely misleading. That's why you're here: to mislead souls into darkness. Look in the mirror to see who and what you are right now. Change to righteousness, Will!

You made more false claims that everyone who is anti-homosexuality is enraged. I made clear that I'm not of the spirit of wrath. I don't call down the wrath. I ask that souls turn from the dark side. I am a pacifist and opposed to coercion, as Jesus was opposed to it. He cleaned the temple as a sign. The world is yet worshipping the proverbial Satan. Will you learn too late? Can you reconcile these things? I have.

You also obviously haven't taken the time to examine Noah's heart (the group's creator), not that you're capable in your present mentally diseased state. I mean that. You're showing serious mental/spiritual problems concerning which I would love nothing better for you that you ask, seek, and knock at Jesus's door to gain the healing power so that you may overcome, as so many others have and will continue to do so, yours truly included. Noah shows no signs of being full of rage that I've seen. I've seen more maturity of character coming out from him than from you by a long shot. You could learn from him in that department and doubtless many others but especially concerning looking at homosexuality from a point of truly wanting both to know and to understand the truth. Noah hasn't run from any of the "civilly" presented points of those who are pro-homosexuality.

You made the false statement that there is no such thing as an "ex" when on the contrary, there are many people openly testifying that they have personally changed. I have even linked to such testimony right here on this Wall. For instance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89yH0uJRGDE Now, if you think that man is lying or stupid, I suggest you take it up with him. He'll dispel those ideas quickly if you're truly looking for truth about those two things. In addition, I suggest you read this: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2007/october/6.48.html It's a very well thought-out article and plainly shows that "ex" is in the mainstream now to stay and to grow. This is not a blanket endorsement of all things "Christian Today" (magazine), so try to contain yourself from jumping to more false conclusions concerning me.

You have attempted to obfuscate by means of comments such as that I know this, that, or the other, that you are asserting is true when, in fact, I disagree and know you are flat-out wrong and have said so in no uncertain terms.

You've jumped to wild conclusions based upon a recklessly careless reading of my Facebook Profile – making the false accusation (actually accusing me to me of having "lied" – your word – about it on my profile) that I hold myself out to be an Episcopalian when I do not and have not.

You've claimed that the people at NARTH http://www.narth.com/ (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) are not respected by the highly educated professionals in human sexuality when many of the very people at NARTH are, in very fact, highly educated in human sexuality, are professional psychologists, and are respected by those who have not fallen for the lie that people can't change when it is obvious that people can and do change across the spectrum and concerning all manner of things (homosexuality being no exception). It is a behavior that anyone is free to stop if that one will just do that and stick with it, just as with giving up any other addiction or bad habit, etc. Not everyone quits addictions. That doesn't prove no one can. You have zero evidence that people cannot change while there are people right on Facebook and elsewhere testifying to the changes they've undergone.

You also stated falsely that "The "WE" here on this group is obviously YOU" [me] after which you were corrected but did not apologize for being incorrect and misleading (your pattern; your pathological problem showing through here in a way that no one, not even the most perverse, can deny within).

You have also more than suggested by way of questions that I've taken my cues from some across-the-board Fundamentalism. The fact is that Fundamentalism is yet divided in terms of many issues. It is not a monolith. That aside, I sat at the feet of no such Fundamentalists. I gathered my understanding directly as a result of asking and seeking and finally being moved by the Holy Spirit of Truth who has shown me that "conservative" and "liberal" are severely warped concepts in so-called modernity and real conservatism and real liberalism are one and the same. This is original with me from the Spirit, not to say that it hasn't occurred to others independently. I don't expect you to either understand or appreciate the semantics involved. Perhaps you'll dwell upon it though and ask and seek yourself – something sorely you are in need of doing: soul searching.

You have also made the false assumption that because I used the expression "the homosexual lifestyle" in terms of people having come out from it that, that necessarily means that I have avoided addressing changing "sexual orientation," a euphemism when used by homosexual proselytizers, of which you are clearly one. I have stated clearly that I know people have changed so that their very brain matter overcomes. Their brains transform from seeking sexual gratification via homosexual means. The brain is mutable. That's even becoming known in the mundane "sciences" because of people like me who are putting forth the ideas to examine. People become what they do. They become something else when they stop doing one thing and start doing another. This is not the only way change occurs, but it is nevertheless true. It is this indisputable fact of which you are mortified and desperate to censor.

You also falsely stated that no one else posts to the group. I explained that in some detail, but once again, you ignored that. There were plenty of posts and comments before I was even a member. Also, Noah has obviously posted here recently. In addition, the frequency of posts and comments in no way indicates correctness or incorrectness. You are engaging in fallacious reasoning designed, as apparently always with you, to mislead especially the youth along with the naive and/or gullible.

Will, you're an extremely misled, misleading, and immature person for your age. How old are you? You come across here as a hyper-teen, at best. Don't you think it's time for you to grow up?

Of course all of this is by way of your encouraging a complete lack of critical thinking. It puts me very much in mind of Likudnik and self-styled Christian Zionists.

The fact is that you have ducked every last point more so than anyone else yet with whom I've interacted on this group. You've added nothing here but the opportunity for me to expose your failing, deceiving, avoiding methods. You are in denial. That much is plainly certain. You really need to repent.

By the way, do you claim to profess God and Christ, or are you willing to admit that you are here as an atheist/agnostic anti-Christ? Perhaps you're a fan of Harry Hay, whom Barack Obama lauded even though Harry Hay openly said having sex with animals is fine if the animals don't mind. He also supported NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love [sex] Association). Is that you too? How far are you willing to go down into the cess, Will Byrd? If you are anti-bestiality and anti-pedophilia, why do they deserve fewer "rights" and "tolerance" than do homosexuals? Aren't they born that way too? Their genetics obviously allows them to slip into such behavior. Of course, as Jesus said, the flesh is weak. How are your spirits, Harry and Will?


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