By the Maps: Understanding Israel's Increasing Grip On Jerusalem

Tom Usher wrote or added | This is a must see. The Zionists have been thumbing their noses at the whole world for decade after decade. What they've done from the very beginning has been illegal/illegitimate. They terrorized and murdered their "state" into existence. Rather than sympathizing with victims because they've been victimized, they are victimizers. It's dreadful. The abused have become the abusers. It's a mental and spiritual illness. They are also by and large pathological liars living in denial of their own unrighteousness, which they don't seem to care much about at all. Thankfully, there are Jews who want to be righteous. Those Jews who aspire to all the virtues are the saving grace of their bloodline. It is those Jews who will be the remnant after Jerusalem is torn in two by wrath. It is those Jews who will come to see the spirit of Jesus as the saving spirit of God.
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