Ending usury, not employment, is the right means to check inflation: "Obama nominates 3 to Federal Reserve board The Fed" - MarketWatch

Tom Usher wrote or added | "I am strongly committed to pursuing the dual goals that Congress has assigned us: maximum employment and price stability and, if confirmed, I will work to ensure that policy promotes job creation and keeps inflation in check." — Janet Yellen

There you see the number-one problem with the whole Federal Reserve ruse that is that unemployment is the right means by which inflation is to be held in check. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is absolutely possible and desirable to have full employment and that is completely achievable (easy, in fact) without any inflation whatsoever. Nationalize the Fed. Declare all Fed. Notes to be interest-free U.S. Notes. Issue money directly into the whole of society paying for anything and everything the people need. It is interest (evil usury) that is inflationary, not public spending.

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