Twitter-Session Digest (2) for: May 1, 2010

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  1. Mary O'Grady: The U.S. vs. Honduran Democracy – – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. Recipes for Health – Black Bean Soup With Cumin and Tomatoes – – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  3. What crisis? U.S. military aid to Israel. Busin... – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  4. "Former diplomat slams Harper's foreign policy" "MONTREAL — Former Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler – . #

  5. Words! Words! Words! The shackles that bind the US to Israel #

  6. Pro-GMO chemical polluter becomes Obama's ag trade negotiator #

  7. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, April 3, 2010 #

  8. TWITTER-SESSION DIGEST, April 3, 2010 #

  9. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 2) #

  10. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 3) #

  11. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 1) #

  12. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 4) #

  13. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 5) #

  14. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 6) #

  15. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 7) #

  16. "Judaism Discovered" Banned in America... Why? (Pt 8) #

  17. Evil Talmudic 'Judaism Discovered,' by Michael A. Hoffman #

  18. Michael Hoffman II - The Religion of Judaism part 2 of 5 #

  19. Michael Hoffman II - The Religion of Judaism part 1 of 5 #

  20. Michael Hoffman II - The Religion of Judaism part 3 of 5 #

  21. Michael Hoffman II - The Religion of Judaism part 5 of 5 #

  22. Michael Hoffman II - The Religion of Judaism part 4 of 5 #

  23. Michael Hoffman II - The Religion of Judaism [Part 2] part 1 of 2 #

  24. Michael Hoffman II - The Religion of Judaism [Part 2] part 2 of 2 #

  25. I'm now following @VirtueOnline #

  26. VirtueOnline - News - Culture Wars - Obama sidelining religious freedom? #

  27. Pres. Karzai is telling the US gov. what he wants. MSM are not telling America the specifics but rather US-Zionist-propaganda sound bites. #

  28. 2 of Karzai's sins against Empire: Wanting no killing of innocents & refusing toxic spraying of poppies to enrich the US chemical industry. #

  29. What's the CIA involvement with Doku Umarov of Chechnya? The US needs Russia anti-"terrorist" to get immoral/illegal sanctions on Iran. #

  30. Another "sin" of Karzai is he wants peace talks. The Empire doesn't want peace. It wants hegemony. It wants to dictate privatization. #

  31. The Zionists have vastly less cover for war crimes against Gaza than the Pope has for covering up pedophilia. #


  33. Thank you, Jesus, for teaching un-coerced social-economic justice. #

  34. Rape Games? by L. Brent Bozell on - A Syndicate Of Talent #


  36. #


  38. Guardians of the Free Republics: Right-wing America stands up - New Orleans Civil Rights Examiner #

  39. Pew Campaign for Responsible Mining #

  40. Former Rep. Majority Leader Dick Armey said Jamestown was doomed by socialism. He probably meant Plymouth. The Hutterites prove him wrong. #

  41. Rep. Michele Bachmann claims Calvin Coolidge's tax cut ushered in the Roaring Twenties. They ushered in a planned stock bubble and crash. #

  42. Calvin Coolidge was a rat. See: #

  43. Ralph Nader Bio #

  44. "The Real Story on Joe McCarthy," by: Ronald Kessler. "A dangerous movement has been growing among c #

  45. Ralph Nader Bio Secular, involuntary, coercive democracy: does Ralph reconcile via "just war"? #

  46. "The Real Story on Joe McCarthy," by: Ronald Kessler. "...dangerous movement...growing among conservative writers..." #

  47. Chris Hedges: "How the Corporations Broke Ralph Nader and America, Too" #

  48. Guardians of the Free Republics: Right-wing America stands up. Ultimately violent under patriotism's banner. Woe! #

  49. Pew Campaign for Responsible Mining The Democrats stink to high Heaven for electing an anti-environmentalist. #

  50. A Must Watch: WikiLeaks classified US military video depicting indiscriminate slaying of 12+. #

  51. Ted Rall: Obama "OUT-REPUBLICANING THE REPUBLICANS" Ted is right. I'll add that triangulation came out from the DLC. #

  52. Rape Games? by L. Brent Bozell. This is such a contentious issue: violent video games: fantasy versus reality blurred. #


  54. VirtueOnline "Obama sidelining religious freedom?" The right to make religious arguments in the public square #

  55. Evil Talmudic Judaism: Michael A. Hoffman Shocking interview of revisionist historian, journalist, and anti-Zionist #

  56. The Elite vs. The American People #

  57. The Scrubber - An iPhone app developed by the coal industry #

  58. The Scrubber - An iPhone app developed by the coal industry #




  62. Debating whether gov. or the private sector caused the crash is a non-starter. The private sector bribed gov. for deregulation. Cause? Greed #

  63. The GOP's Trip to Tiffany's - The Daily Beast. Reminds me of toilet seats and screwdrivers at the Pentagon - same-same. #

  64. The Federal Reserve is a grandiose leech — a terrible idea. The U.S. never needed to borrow a dime from anyone, especially not at usury. #

  65. To King Coal (dirty soul): If we were on solar energy and other clean alternatives, there wouldn't be trapped coal miners. #

  66. If we were on solar energy and other clean alternatives, coal miners wouldn't be dying from their work. #

  67. Pakistan is employing the U.S.'s El Salvador option of disappearing people. Pakistan's "leadership" is doing this for money and weapons. #

  68. There is only one reason coal is still being mined and burned in the U.S. and that's political bribes. #

  69. American cameras in space can tell a quarter from a dime. Lethal helicopters can't discern weapons in close-up hi-res? Are lives so cheap? #

  70. Karzai reportedly said the Taliban could become a "legitimate resistance movement" if the U.S. doesn't correct policies and practices. #

  71. There are aspects of the Taliban that are already legitimate in resisting the U.S., but this is no endorsement of violent resistance. #

  72. Peter Galbraith is spewing dung about Karzai. Galbraith is Holbrooke's man: the oil man – big friend of the polluters of the Amazon forest. #

  73. Info on Massey Energy's actions/inactions on the Upper Big Branch mine suggests executive & owner responsibility for at least manslaughter. #

  74. Israel, told your tongue on Iran until after you Zionists have signed and are abiding by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT). #

  75. CA AG Jerry Brown reportedly verified ACORN's Juan Carlos Vera called police about O'Keefe meeting as an under-aged-immigrant girls' pimp. #

  76. Homosex: Who was ready to receive the liberty of self-discipline? Who's ready now? – REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  77. I'm now following @nukefreefuture For freedom from evil: nuclear weapons #

  78. Trailer: You Are Watching DisarmTV #

  79. Dean Baker, William Black, James K. Galbraith, Nomi Prims, & others sign Audit the Fed letter via @firedoglake #

  80. "The Future of Palestine: Righteous Jews vs. the New Afrikaners" with Professor John J. Mearsheimer #

  81. Excellent map-in-motion overview "By the Maps: Understanding Israel's Increasing Grip On Jerusalem" #

  82. Ending usury, not employment, is the right means to check inflation: "Obama nominates 3 to Federal.. #

  83. Most Dangerous: "Germany provides Dolphin nuclear submarines to Israel," by Noam Chomsky #

  84. Drill, Idiotic & Greedy Serpents, Drill. Still Anti-Environmentalism, Tea Partiers?: "Louisiana Oil..." #

  85. Racism, plainly and clearly: "Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English" #

  86. Insane move to somewhat copycat AZ's unconstitutional, anti-Mexican law: "SC Lawmakers..." #

  87. Insanely shortsighted and selfish: "Obama won't back off drilling plans, but pledges safeguards" | McClatchy #

  88. Strong Statement: "The Progressive Movement is Officially Dead" | FDL Action #

  89. Following @defenders Defenders of Wildlife protects wild animals & plants in nature. #

  90. Sarah Palin Champions Barbaric Aerial Hunting of Wolves #

  91. Elitists really do conspire, folks. For one, they murdered Jesus. Think! #

  92. 66% say tax cuts are better at creating jobs than gov. spending. Done properly, people's government could easily create full-employment. #

  93. Environmental Deception The Difference between Contrail and Chemtrail-01 #

  94. Attractions change. Brain matter is mutable. REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #


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