Jack Cafferty knows Jack about Probable Cause, Reasonable Suspicion, and the Fourth Amendment

Here's a video of Jack Cafferty being on the wrong side of this Arizona/national/international issue. My comments follow:

The full text of the bill is something I've read. The bill says that an undercover police officer can motion to a person standing around (literally use his finger to say, come here; the bill actually states that as an example) and that if the person does that, it constitutes reasonable grounds to suspect that person of being an illegal. Under the 4th amendment, that's not reasonable suspicion/probable cause for a police officer even to speak to someone. Now, since there is to be equal application and protection under the law, that so-called "reasonable" suspicion can and will be applied in non-immigration cases as well. That means that this change in the law will erode constitutional rights across-the-board where those the police-state types don't like are concerned.

Do you not remember peaceful protesters and those not even protesting being herded into toxic warehouses at the Republican National Convention?

This is slippery-slope stuff here, and fascists are tilting the playing field more and more and more. The object here is not to take this bad law in isolation but to anticipate both immediate- and long-term consequences. What the fascist-minded are advocating is an erosion of not only the rights of the legal immigrants who may not have the proper (undefined in the bill) papers on them at the time (subjecting them to arrest and detention; by the way, even "legal" children, citizens, including mentally handicapped, have been deported to Mexico to the horror of their Hispanic parents in Arizona), but they are advocating the erosion of the very protections they need to be sure that they will not fall on some ill-defined list, like the no-fly or watch lists, or are simply subjected to arbitrary whims of self-styled law-enforcement.

In addition, there are other legal issues regarding America's culpability in causing life to be miserable where the immigrants came from. http://www.facebook.com/TomUsher?v=wall&story_fbid=119421958076125 and here (highly recommended), for those of you who aren't Facebook users, "Reagan's Refugees: Why Undocumented Migrants Have a Right to Work Here," by David A. Sylvester. Tikkun Daily Blog. April 30th, 2010.

Lastly, unless you've been to Maricopa County, where Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been pushing this, you can't easily appreciate how many Mexicans live there. I lived there for nearly 40 years. I could go into my local grocery store when it was crowded and be the only non-Hispanic there. That was far from unusual.

Every person seemingly hanging around anywhere will be unfair game under this sweeping, reprehensible so-called law.

As for Jack Cafferty, his team censored me when I attempted to comment on one of his programs. My comment contained nothing but straight-up rebuttal. I hadn't violated any comment rules, and it was the only comment I submitted. There was no legitimate reason to refuse to allow the general public to see it.

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