Twitter-Session Digest for: May 3, 2010

  1. G. Edward Griffin Talks Candidly About Chemtrails/SAG . #

  2. Facebook Links for: Saturday, May 1, 2010 REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  3. Greece is raped by Goldman Sachs & other banksters. People of the world are allowing it lying down. To Hell with austerity: scummy liars. #

  4. Ahmadinejad wants to change government subsidies from the rich to the poor. Roshanak Taghavi treats that with cynicism. #

  5. Obama says terms like socialists & fascists "can send signals that perhaps violence is a justifiable response." That comes from a warmonger. #

  6. Don't jump to conclusions concerning the Times Square "car bomb" that was "discovered" tonight. #

  7. The "news" is full of propaganda rationalizing about the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. #

  8. When you hear ICE, does it put you in mind of cold-heartedness? You know they chose it for that reason. #

  9. The mind-set that came up with "ICE" came up with the Nazis-sounding "Dept. of Homeland Security." We never called America the "Homeland." #

  10. America was always our Motherland. That was too nice for the fascists. It put people in mind of the maternal instinct: nurturing, gentle. #

  11. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) thinks bad car-design & the Challenger accident are analogous with Deepwater Horizon. He's being moronic! #

  12. "I think that's [offshore drilling] dead on arrival." — Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) Right! #

  13. "...take advantage of the make sure we never face...[offshore oil leaks] again." Steve Cochran, Environmental Defense Fund. #

  14. "The oil industry spent 40 years building a story line that it knew what it was doing underwater...." — Carl Pope, Sierra Club #

  15. "Offshore drilling did not belong in the climate bill a month ago and it does not belong now." — Anna Aurilio, Environment America. #

  16. What must be avoided is jumping to toxic nuclear energy. Solar, wind, geothermal, and such are the right way to go for the mundane world. #

  17. 9/11 Truth: What Happened to Building 7 . #

  18. Facebook Links for: Sunday, May 2, 2010 REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  19. Jack Cafferty knows Jack about Probable Cause, Reasonable Suspicion, and the Fourth Amendment | REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN #

  20. Kent State Shootings 40th Anniversary part1 . #

  21. US supported economics spurred Mexican emigration . #

  22. Obama: Oil spill bill on BP, Chem spray to save nature . #

  23. The Derivatives Debate 1995 Part 1. . #

  24. The Derivatives Debate 1995 Part 2. . #

  25. The Derivatives Debate 1995 Part 3. . #

  26. The Derivatives Debate 1995 Part 4. . #

  27. The Derivatives Debate 1995 Part 5. . #

  28. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Goldman Sachs Fraud-04-30-2010(Part1) . #

  29. The Derivatives Debate 1995 Part 6. . #

  30. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Goldman Sachs Fraud-04-30-2010(Part2) . #

  31. Press TV-On the edge with Max Keiser-Goldman Sachs Fraud-04-30-2010(Part3) . #

  32. I'm now following @AmpedStatus This is a very promising new website. #

  33. Papantonio: BP - The Corporate Felon . #

  34. How the SEC and Congress Can Bring Down Goldman Sachs and Expose the Financial Coup | Amped Status #

  35. Obama administration has to investigate before ruling out sabotage by any faction(s): "Regime SWAT #

  36. What Hillary Clinton isn't saying about Iran & the NPT: "Clinton: Iran diverting attention fr.. #

  37. You may sign the statement online: "Maliki's election platform: 900 Iraqi prisoners face summ.. #

  38. MUST READ! Tikkun Daily Blog » Blog Archive » Reagan's Refugees: Why Undocumented Migrants Have a Right to Work #

  39. MUST SEE: Truth Media Productions: What in the World Are They Spraying? Part I #

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