J Street Pimps Noa's U.S. Concert Tour, Israeli Performer Who Supported Gaza War, Accused Hamas of R

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Tom Usher wrote or added | A must read: J Street is Zionist. Everyone who is supporting J Street needs to be clear on that. J Street appears at best to be about the Zionists returning to the Green Line (pre-1967 war). While that would be better than nothing, the racist-Herzl Zionist Project truly needs to be rolled back all the way. That said, I'm all for Jews and Muslims and Christians and others being good neighbors per Jesus's Good Samaritan and therefore not coercing each other into following one or the other religion. That goes for secularists not trying to coerce people into not following any religion. I use religion here loosely for the sake of making any sense to those who don't know many connotations of the term.
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