Twitter-Session Digest for: May 4, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 3, 2010 REAL LIBERAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH #

  2. Debunking Monckton Part 2 (updated) . #

  3. The Communicators: Michael Copps . #

  4. 32000 Scientists . #

  5. The "race card" and "death panels," the AZ-immigration so-called law and healthcare-reform analogy doesn't work #

  6. Rich Siegel "In Palestine" Part 2 The Songwriters Speak . #

  7. Rich Siegel "In Palestine" Part 1 Dedication and Song . #

  8. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called nuclear weapons "disgusting and shameful." Hallelujah! He is not pursuing nukes, liars. So, shut your mouths. #

  9. Ahmadinejad is speaking truth to power on nuclear weapons. He is on the right side on it. Hillary Clinton is being the fool. She will lose. #

  10. Hillary, Mahmoud is smarter than you are. He has you on the defensive where you are going to stay until you repent of your warmongering. #

  11. Barack Obama signed a deal with Russia, but Obama is pushing to spend much more money on a new generation of despicable nuclear weapons. #

  12. Follow the money to the weapons manufacturers & allied industries bleeding people of tax dollars as nothing else, except for the wicked Fed. #

  13. Stupid, lying newspapers say the Pakistani Taliban have al Qaeda connections when no evidence has ever been forthcoming: mass brainwashing. #

  14. People these "newspapers" consult as so-called "experts" & who claim the Taliban is al Qaeda are Zionist-Neocon liars: Mossad/CIA shills. #

  15. Brian Fishman, New American Foundation, links al Qaeda and the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. Prove it, Brian. Show us the evidence, Zionists. #

  16. CIA-drone operators are baby killers. All the lies trying to rationalize the current use of drones amounts to a stinking heap of dung. #

  17. Those who order the CIA-drone operators are only worse baby-killers. #

  18. Americans sit by, getting drunk, traveling around having "fun" while the innocent are slaughtered and turned into wrathful fighters. #

  19. Rich Siegel "In Palestine" Part 1 Dedication and Song . #

  20. Mahmud Abbas doesn't represent the duly elected government of Palestine. Hamas does. He took Israeli money & weapons to fight Hamas & lost. #

  21. Mahmud Abbas also shilled for the Likudniks against the Goldstone Report. Talks without Hamas are immoral, shameful Neocon-Zionists: racism. #

  22. When Somali pirates learned Hezb al-Islam was coming to enforce sharia in Harardhere, those pirates fled. It's like Afghani poppy farmers. #

  23. The leaders of the worst drug gang in Mexico were trained by the U.S. military. Who's laundering the drug money, banksters? You know it. #

  24. UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon said, "The onus is on Iran to clarify the doubts and concerns about its program." No, the burden is the accusers'. #

  25. Ahmadinejad catches on. He said Iran's accusers have failed "to provide a single credible proof to sustain their allegations." That's it! #

  26. Lying Western newspapers say Iran started its nuclear program in secret. The U.S. started it, and the IAEA knew all about it all along. #

  27. Henry Paulson, Bush's Sec. Treas., begged on his knees for the $700 billion TARP he used to bailout AIG to save Goldman Sachs, his buddies. #

  28. Who cares whether Congress has "an appetite immediately to dive into another controversial issue." It's their job, bunch of babies. #

  29. Don't talk like Populists. Be Populists. Don't check polls. Change minds. Educate people. Nationalize the Fed! Convert to interest-free $'s. #

  30. If no nation were imperialistic, what would the world be like? Would it be better? Every imperialistic bit hurts. #

  31. Is the US creating the "eternal" enemies the Military-Industrial Complex wants and needs? It's trying. #

  32. Just learned of Obama's asinine Predator Drone joke from an FB friend. Barack, you've been a monstrous, unfeeling, moron. #

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