Beverly Hills names a street after racist Theodor Herzl: Father of Zionism

Tom Usher wrote or added | Herzl wanted to takeover someone else's land (Uganda or wherever), get the locals/indigenous ones to do the "dirty" work, and after the infrastructure/clearing type work was complete, ethnically cleans the locals from their own land.

Now, here's Beverly Hills, California, naming a street/block with a synagogue on it after Herzl when Herzl was an atheist/secular humanist.

It's a racist, stupid act especially at a time when there is zero excuse of ignorance in terms of the war crimes, crimes against humanity, and attempted genocide (it's not over yet) by the fascist Zionists.

Is that civil enough for you, Barack? No, it's not because I called a spade a spade – racist fascists, racist fascists. That's not politically correct enough for Obama where the narcissistic Zionists are concerned.    

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