FCC Pushes to Regulate/Protect Internet Access/Net Neutrality - WSJ.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to prevent telecoms from creating expensive "fast lanes" for the rich on the Internet where the poorer wouldn't be able to afford access. The FCC is charged with protecting the public interest for the sake of an informed citizenry. An "unregulated" Internet would mean the telecoms regulating for their bottom lines and per their ideological perspectives.

It's already hard enough to hear alternative voices. One rarely sees truly radical-change options offered even on much of what attempts to pass as "alternative" sites.

People are afraid of going against peers. Check the numbers first or be "unpopular" no matter how good the option one fails to back. Truth gets drowned out via peer pressure even for old adults. Toe the "party line" or be ostracized. Choose a group/conform: liberal left, conservative right, anarchist, nanny state, moderate/centrist. I've chosen something not on that spectrum.    

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