Fed up with Zionist-racist fascists creating/causing America's enemies? "Lieberman's Terrorist Expatriation Act"

Lieberman's Terrorist Expatriation Act
Tom Usher wrote or added | Are you fed up with Zionist-racist fascists choosing and creating/causing America's enemies?

Noam Chomsky (anti-Zionist Jew) has said for years that American acts have met official American definitions of terrorism. Zionist's acts against Gazans are war crimes they lied about, as are US actions against Iraq. CIA predator-drone attacks in Pakistan are illegal.

The US Constitution provides for exactly what fascist, torture-monger Joe Lieberman wants to cancel and that's "innocent until proven guilty" not in a kangaroo court but a real court with full due-process rights, a human right under international law to which the US is signatory. His Nazi "law" would make me a terrorist worthy of having my citizenship stripped simply because some creep Zionist points the finger in some Star Chamber somewhere I'm not even "secure" enough to know about.

I'm no racist, but ZOG is not a false label for Washington, D.C., New York City, Beverly Hills, and other locales.    

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