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Tom Usher wrote or added | Yesterday, I mentioned how the "bailout/stimulus" has been parked at the Fed to enrich the Banksters. Jim Hightower makes it clear so nearly all may comprehend it and move to stop it by supporting nationalizing the Federal Reserve.

"...it's really a very simple transfer of public wealth to the giant banks. The Fed loans, let's say, a billion dollars to a bank at a half-percent interest. The bank then turns right around and loans that billion dollars to the Treasury Department, collecting 4 percent interest. ...banks take our money and loan it back to us for a sweet 3.5 percent profit."

Jim also outs Dick Armey and many others who are paid by the Banksters to twist. They are nothing but the modern version of Edward L. Bernays, the sociopathic father of "Public Relations," which means duping the masses into thinking evil is good. Frank Luntz is the top Republican/Neocon version. Obviously, the Democrats have theirs as well, in spades.    

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