Time to Prosecute Corporate Criminals at Massey, BP | The Progressive

Time to Prosecute Corporate Criminals at Massey, BP | The Progressive
Tom Usher wrote or added | "Public patience with accidents caused by lax safety and environmental standards is wearing thin. This became clear after the Massey Energy mine disaster. 'I live in West Virginia, and my sense is the tide is turning politically [in the wake of the mine disaster],' Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter told me. 'With the oil spill in the Gulf and with the deaths of the mine workers, there is fertile ground for a renewed social movement against corporate crime.'"

I don't want people put before firing squads, but I do want the people turning away from supporting these criminal enterprises. We need real change that means the change of hearts and minds away from greed and violence. We need the truth out there that everyone can change, even the crony-capitalist sociopaths.

"Kristen Keller, the prosecuting attorney for Raleigh County, ... recently told Corporate Crime Reporter: 'If there is evidence to support a homicide prosecution, I would not hesitate to prosecute.'"    

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