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Tom Usher wrote or added | "Andrew Exum, a former Army officer in Afghanistan and Iraq, has declared the drone program counterproductive and called for an end to it. In an analysis published last year, Exum and David Kilcullen, a former counterinsurgency advisor to the head of U.S. Central Command, Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, dismissed drones as technology substituting for strategy. 'Every one of these dead noncombatants represents an alienated family, a new desire for revenge, and more recruits for a militant movement,' they wrote."

Of course.

Mike Braam

I heard Thom Hartmann make a great analogy the other day on his radio show..Speaking about these drone attacks..saying that wonder if say Canada was looking to catch or kill the NYC bomber...and they sent a drone to bomb his home in Connetticut .. and it Killed him, sure it killed a couple of his neighbors, and there children as well,,but the Canadians then proudly proclaim that YES we gotta our man. How do you think us Americans would feel about that? Ya think there might be a few Americans who would want revenge? It just kinda hit home when described in such a way to me, and it needs to stop!

Tom Usher

A deep-seated problem with the "conservative" mindset is that it isn't as able to relate until something hits home. Such "conservatives" don't have an inclination toward empathy. That's why these analogies are even offered up, even though such analogies nearly always fail to work without the actual problem hitting close to home. When a family gets sick, you'll see people start charities to raise funds to defeat that particular disease but not all diseases in general. When a family member gets murdered, you'll see revenge on the family's mind but rarely an appreciation of the families on the other side. Why walk in a Pashtun's shoes for instance in your mind when you've been taught that such people are inferior by virtue of American exceptionalism?

The libertarian mind is almost always more empathetic than the neocon's, but in general, libertarians still have more of the go-it-alone bent that runs contrary to the unity of spirit necessary to save. They also tend to point solely to the worst of the worst on the left as an indictment of all things sharing. They'll share but not first and foremost but after they have their stockpile and not under any coercion.

What the world requires is a universal giving-and-sharing mentality that is nevertheless strictly voluntary. We need a unanimous verdict.


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