Full Video: Ahmadinejad speech at UN nuclear conference

Tom Usher wrote or added | (I recommend you listen through only one ear of your headset. Reset the balance or physically don't put both sides of your headset over both ears. Turn off one of your speakers. You get the point.)

While I completely disagree that nuclear energy is the way to go, Ahmadinejad is completely right concerning NPT, IAEA, and the Security Council, etc.

Let me also say that the walkout is nothing but a sign of immaturity. Those who walked out are unwilling to debate the points with facts that can be backed up. It's okay to add in additional concepts, but before one sanctions another nation-state, facts are required under international law.

I have to tell you. Ahmadinejad is winning the debate hands down. No one in the US or Israel has even touched him on the nuclear-weapons issue.

He is, of course, in error that all nations love or agree with monotheism. Why he feels obligated to state that is strange.    

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