PFOX-ExGays: Washington D.C. Government Once Again Reverting to Discrimination

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Tom Usher wrote or added | Hypocrisy in the homosexual "community": Where're the liberals? Who's standing for equal rights, protection, and anti-discrimination concerning self-determined ex-homosexuals?

Due to persecution, PFOX obtained a court ruling: "...the Human Rights Act does not require immutable characteristics for sexual orientation status so that ex-gays are entitled to the same legal protections that gays currently enjoy." Washington's Mayor issued a certificate of appreciation to PFOX. Homosexuals complained. The Mayor rescinded.

Those complainers are fascistic. They've hypnotized much of the planet into believing sexual attraction is immutable. They've drawn a false analogy between racial rights & homosexual choice. They don't want the political decision to hinge on choice. If the behavior is not a choice, then how can the rest of society forbid it in public especially concerning a large class? It is a choice though (though I'm opposed to coercive democracy).

I'm for truth: people do change.    

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