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Tom Usher wrote or added | Israeli soldiers (racist fascists) leveled a mosque in Gaza and destroyed farmland. So-called "fundamentalist settlers," really Nazi-like orthodox land thieves (what's new?) with zero authorization under God, held a Qur'an book burning in another invaded mosque.

How about we level all the synagogues in the US and burn every Talmud and Torah? Would that feel like Kristallnacht or Stalinist Russia or Maoist China? Sure it would. That's why the Zionists in Israel and Palestine are nationalist fascists.

Now, tell me why the US government supports that. I'm not a huge fan of George Washington, but he's rolling over in his grave ashamed that that city is his namesake.

Dodgy Facebook commentaries and my replies:

Mike Braam

LOL....Ok Tom......You may be right here, although I really don't think that ALL Israeli soldiers are "Racists Fascists" that is obviously not a true statement, some .maybe but all??

but what I really wanna know is....What did George Washington do to garner your dislike?

Tom Usher

You find this humorous? It made you laugh out loud?

You took offense last time I referred to "real Christians." Finding even a speck of humor in this is anti-Christ. Are you familiar with the use of the term in the scripture? Let me put it another way for you. Do you think Jesus laughed at me, or the situation, with you? Answer: He did not! How do I know that? I know it because he's not an ass.

Mike, also the last time we had a go-around, I suggested to you that you should ask first. Let me make it really clear:

Mike: Tom, do you think every Israeli soldier is a racist fascist?

Tom: Within certain contexts using particular connotations of the term, they are to a certain extent and simply for the reason that they have not refused in the way the refuseniks, common knowledge in Israel, have done:

Just to be really plain for you, I didn't use the term "all" and it is not implied. That said, every Israeli soldier who took part in leveling the mosque and ruining farmland is absolutely a fascist-Zionist, which is racist by definition.

Mike Braam

My bad the LOL was for the George Washington comment...I just have never heard anyone say they were not a huge fan of the Father of our Country. Curious as to why?

But as for the Racist Fascist comment I am not sure how one could take that any other way then you meaning "all" I mean of course they are ALL not racist. And then again you did not imply that "some" were racist and fascist...I think it would very hard for someone to read it any other way then what I thought as well.

You are implying that every Israeli soldier should refuse to fight against an enemy that wants to kill them..regardless of who is right or who is wrong, A soldiers job is to fight the enemy....The blame( if there is any) should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the leaders of that Government.
The politics aside...these are just young men and women serving there country, by law. I understand where you are coming from with all this but boy that is asking just to much for someone to contemplate especially in this case of what is going on in that region.

Tom Usher

"My country right or wrong" is a stupid, inexcusable, anti-Christian position.

I said "all" in my reply comment.

Israeli refuseniks are living proof that you are wrong.

Mike Braam

Well the big problem here Tom is that YOU think they are wrong...Obviously there is a great deal of debate about that.

Tom Usher

It's obvious: Anyone who knows even just a little bit about the Palestine-Israel conflict and can read what I've written would already know that there is a debate and I've said the Zionists are wrong. So what?

Now, unless you can tell me something I don't already know here and to convince me to change my mind, quit commenting on my post.

Mike Braam

My only reason for commenting AT ALL was that you stated what I believed to be a terribly inaccurate statement by suggesting that Israeli soldiers were Racist Fascists!

You seem to be sticking that opinion? Why not just amend your post and then there will be no ambiguity about it.

I don't think you can ever have an open and honest debate by starting off your post with such a statement.

Tom Usher

It's too bad for you that when you read it you took it as saying "all" without realizing that it didn't have to be taken that way. It doesn't change the fact. That was only one thing that rubbed me the wrong way in your initial comment. You're defending Apartheid Zionists. You've danced all around how un-Christian your position is.

I'm not going to change my post. Even suggesting it shows that you still don't get it. I've already made the reasons clear. They can refuse to knock down mosques or to protect thieves and arsonists (calling them settlers) burning Qur'ans and doing all the other despicable things. If you don't like it, try taking it up with God. God won't agree with your crap though.

We've already been through this now in a couple of other threads. They are what they do, and they do fascism, period. If they don't want to be fascistic/fascists, then they can stop acting like fascist, Nazi, police-state, ethnic-cleansing, land-thieving, war-mongering sociopaths. That's clear! Quit being thick in the head.

Mike Braam

How come you never answered my question about George Washington?

Tom Usher

Go back. Look at our threads. Count the questions you didn't answer.

"And they answered Jesus, and said, We cannot tell. And he said unto them, Neither tell I you by what authority I do these things."

I'm not messing around. Spiritual things are happening. I'm involved.

Mike Braam

Why are you such an angry man?

Chris Wright

I enjoy you two arguing, it's really fun to watch by the way :P

Not to fear, I've been told by Tom to shew away and all that before too :O) Don't worry Mike I am not really an angry person :O) I USE to be though. That was when I first got involved in Christianity is when I became angry because I started reading conspiracy theories and all that stuff. Believe me when I say it pushed me away from basically everybody because I refused to accept ANYTHING over than what I was seeing or thinking. Very narrow minded of myself. When I called that off and got rid of it, I started to open up and eenjoy life some. Now at least I won't have to have that in mind if I have a heart attack before 25 or anything :O)

Now that I have been all sharing, yall can continue now :D

Mike Braam

LOL...thanks Chris... I actually am not opposed to the idea of Conspiracy theories. I believe plenty of them, but there gets to be a point where they become, for one thing an "Easy way out" explanation ..or they just don't make sense...Like a lot of the ones I am hearing from Tom in these posts. there has to be some "there" there for me to buy into them.


True to form, Chris: You were all sensitive about the homosexuals being able to have civil unions, but to Hell with the brown people who've sneaked into the country to gain a little to send back home where their nations have been raped by major world corporations. You support the unconstitutional Arizona law, which I explained to you in great detail as to why it's unconstitutional and immoral; but you didn't acknowledge but rather went silent so you could pull another of these blow in, say some inane things, and blow out with a "don't call us, we'll call you" approach that you've claimed here in a twisted way that I've done to you.

No, I've been straight up toward you, always. I've always spoken to you able to backup everything I said with facts and did. You decided to argue with me about homosexuals when you knew I'm not coercive about the issue but that my stance is against the flat out lies that souls can't change, Jesus was a homosexual, Jesus wasn't opposed to the sin, and homosexuality isn't always ultimately harmful. You're too busy esteeming yourself and not caring to care about the plain hypocrisy you're showing here.

Your feel-good and enjoy-life positions are nothing but substitutes for having no underpinnings for your views. If you feel good about yourself now and have built up your self-esteem based on that, then what will help you when you stand before your maker (and you will)?

Are you now an atheist/agnostic? You're talking more and more as one but not as one who at least tries to be consistent.

Yes, I told you to go away when you were continuing to spew against universal healthcare but hadn't read a thing about what any other country in the world has done to provide it and at a lower cost and higher levels of quality. I asked you to go away to read up on it before continuing. You didn't like that. You claimed that my approach pushed people away from Jesus.

As for you, Mike,

You've defended fascist, racist, Zionist, IDF soldiers following illegal "orders" to go into Gaza to level a mosque and bulldoze the farm land of people who don't get enough to eat now for years accept via tunnels to Egypt. Now you're back here again dancing all around with Chris not saying anything of merit.

You took exception to my statement that the neocon/Zionist/Mossad was behind 9/11. You think building 7 fell down due to the little damage and some fire. It fell down in its own footprint on cue. The BBC and CNN reported it had fallen before it had. The police were told it was coming down. They were moving people away before it happened. Explosions were recorded while this was all happening. There's no "there, there" though for you. PNAC and AIPAC and all the Zionist literature about the planned ethnic cleansing of the Zionist Project doesn't add up for you. All the neocon-Zionist lies in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq were just coincidental for you. 9/11 commission members openly stating that there has been a cover-up isn't good enough for you.

Then you read into my use of the term "void" concerning overturning Glass-Steagall as if I'm an illiterate. I said Obama needs to void Gramm-Leach. It was a 140-character-maximum Twitter tweet, but you came on as if I had to have made clear that Obama's word is not law, as if I've elevated him to the status of the ancient Pharaohs. How is it that you can read that I've read as much as I have and written as much and imagine that I didn't know that? I've said you need to look in the mirror because jumping to that conclusion as you did was stupid. Everyone can jump to false conclusions, but once it's been pointed out, it's incumbent upon one to acknowledge it and to learn from it.

I explained that the connotations of the term clearly include more than your narrow assumption, but where did that get us? Did you change and start thinking about what I might be meaning before jumping me?

Then it was on to your claim that Obama couldn't have used the current disaster in the Gulf to call for a change from supporting Big Oil over clean, sustainable alternatives, as in a crash course in research, development, and bringing it on line. However, many other politicians stood up. All you did is fall for the pathetic DLC approach that Bill Clinton has now admitted was an error in that he was duped (he claims) by the neolibs. Ralph Nader was right all along. It was a terrible error that the Democrats backed off educating the masses. The move to the center-right has been a tragedy.

Of course, I know you're one of them. You're a Social Democrat, not a Democratic Socialist. You're a New Labour, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton triangulator, aren't you? Actually, aren't you really a Zionist and neocon? You call yourself a Christian, but each time I've referred to Christ and his statement, you've ignored it. Declare yourself. You're great at trying to run me down, but where do you stand? I take clear stances. So far, you've been vacuous.

You didn't like it that I quoted David Rockefeller thanking all the mass media moguls in supporting what had been up to then their secret plan to do away with the self-determination of nation-states to replace it with world government by the world bankers and intellectual elite (his terms). Even with that in your face, you're here saying there's no there, there.

You act the troll, Mike. You aren't credible.

The two of you are so much parts of the problem and not the solution. You are not standing up for truth.

Get thee behind me, Satan. Neither one of you is being a real friend here.

Mike Braam
Tom I did not even read your comment about me because you Obviously cannot READ!!!

Let me try one more time!!!!..................
...ah screw it..Believe what you want Tom...If you wanna say that Israeli Soldiers are Racist and Fascists and believe that is OK, And wanna stand by that .....You go right ahead, I really could care less. :)

Mike Braam

BTW....Ok I decided to read a bit...MISTAKE...Yours...again it seems that you may have a reading problem. What with all this about Building 7? We have never even talked about that, and if we did I would have agreed with you. Yes I think there was some odd circumstances to its collapse, as well as for the Pentagon to!!

Oh and PLEASE stop saying that I am not a Born again is very offensive ....I have been since I was
8 yrs old..My Daddy has the Bible that he wrote it in to prove that. Now this is something I am SURE Jesus would not adore about you. :)

Tom Usher

It has become quite clear to me what I'm dealing with here. You comment without reading. Then you read only a bit before commenting again. The point of building 7 is not that you'd disagree with me but in connection with all the rest of what I've said. I had all ready heard you say that you buy into some of the 9/11 Truth Movement, so that's why I wrote what I did. "I find very often that there are many conspiracy theories that I find to be very possible if not probable, JFK, MLK, The Pentagon on 9/11," you wrote elsewhere. Of course I had that in mind when I wrote my reply comment.

The issue is the sum total of what I've written versus what you've written in reply. You refuse to address Zionism. That's clear. I've mentioned it, what, 10 times in this thread alone, and you've ducked it and dodged it and refused to address it. How painfully obvious is that to anyone reading this?

If you agree with building 7, who did it? How could it not have been the neocons? Everyone knows full well that neocons are Zionists. The neocons in the Bush-43 administration were all Zionists. Bush-43 "converted" to Zionism just to make his path smoother. His father was anti-Zionist in many respects and had AIPAC money against him in his reelection bid and lost largely on account of it.

Who doesn't know that the neocon-Zionist plan to attack and invade and occupy and control Iraq was all mapped out years before Bush-43 stole the election? Only people living under rocks or completely cut off from even the mainstream global media don't know it.

Now, you don't answer questions but duck and dodge when it suits you. You're an Internet troll whether you realize it or not. The shoe fits.

Mike Braam

WOW You have some Issues don't you Tom....I think you should be spending more time Preaching about the Love of Jesus then worrying about all the other stuff you believe in.

God Bless you though in whatever it is you are trying to accomplish here?

Tom Usher

I have issues with liars.

You're a Zionist, Mike; and there's no such thing as a Christian-Zionist.

Jesus is not with the racist, Zionist fascists. He is not with those who are murdering the Gazans. Jesus is with the full-time truth-tellers he loves, none of whom duck the issues.


Tom Usher

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