Happy Mother's Day, Gaza: There's no such thing as a Christian Zionist

Well, here it is Sunday and Mother's Day. A whole bunch of people calling themselves Christians went to a building they call "church" and feigned a whole lot a words supposedly in support of the message of Jesus Christ. Many of them then went off to spend time with the mothers in their lives. While this all went on, and is still going on in many parts, there are mothers in Palestine and Gaza. There are Christian mothers in Palestine and Gaza. Disgustingly, many of the first bunch I mentioned above and who are not in Palestine or Gaza, actually support the Zionists in the following and more:

  1. Taking land by force and under pretexts
  2. Terrorizing populations
  3. Oppressing peoples
  4. Persecuting Muslims and Christians
  5. Murdering innocent children, the old, the infirmed, the pregnant, etc.
  6. Intentionally dropping illegal gases on people and lying about it
  7. Bulldozing farmlands, houses, businesses, and people, such as Rachel Corrie for just one
  8. Cutting down ancient olive groves
  9. Dumping raw sewage on other people's lands
  10. Walling people off from their relatives
  11. Torturing people
  12. Falsely incarcerating thousands without due process of law
  13. Assassinating people in other countries
  14. Forging passports from all over the world in an attempt to cover the tracks of assassins
  15. Murdering thousands of unarmed civilians
  16. Continuing illegal land grabbing
  17. Lying about people in yet other nations, such as about Iran by claiming to have evidence of an Iranian nuclear-weapons program when no such program exists
  18. Spying on America en masse through corporations and front organizations and by infiltrating the highest ranks in US government, including its so-called intelligence agencies
  19. Lobbying as Americans for another nation but not as registered agents of that foreign country
  20. At the very least, facilitating 9/11 and orchestrating a massive cover-up concerning which even 9/11 commissioners complained openly
  21. Promoting the falsehood that Talmudism is the basis for Christianity, which couldn't be further from the truth

Now, we have liars such as John Hagee going about claiming to represent Christianity, which is known by the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ who stated clearly that his followers are not to take lives, when John Hagee is nothing but a poor interpreter of certain conveniently selected Old Testament verses.

Here's the truth of the matter. Anyone who can't bring himself or herself openly to say that the Zionist Project is unholy is no Christian. To be a Christian is to, among other things, speak the truth for the sakes of the souls of others who are lost and will be found by hearing that truth.

To be clear here, being a Christian is not being a Muslim. Standing as a Christian does against the followers of the despicable teachings of Theodor Herzl, the father of the evil that is racist Zionism, is not to stand with the "authorized," even "required," violence preached by Mohammed. Jesus preached against what Mohammed preached for. It's that simple.

This is one of the jobs of Christians, to speak out against all the sins listed above that the Zionists have committed and continue committing even as I write this.

Let me also direct this to the self-styled Christians out there who take exception and think that plugging their ears or trying to talk over me or to change the subject or to duck and dodge the points or to wear me out will work. God knows your every thought and ploy.

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