Sens Merkley, Levin Unveil Bill To Ban Banks' High-Risk Trades

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"'The circumstances on the ground put the issue before us. Commercial banks are now tied into highly risky investment houses,' Merkley said Wednesday.

"In addition to banning high-risk trades, Merkley and Levin's bill also would prohibit covered entities from investing in or sponsoring a hedge fund or private equity fund.

"The bill would direct regulators to rein in high-risk trading for covered firms in a number of areas, including purchasing and selling government obligations, underwriting and market making to serve clients, and mitigating hedging activities."

With "Too Big to Fail" gone, they better do something. Frankly, the American people should dump everyone who was against Brown-Kaufman. The American people should have litmus tests on whether those running for office are for the people or for the big corporations. Those for the big corporations over the people should not be leaders. It's that simple, and it's still only a capitalist lesser-of-evils.

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