Andrew Sullivan is not alone in wanting to know but for different reasons: Elena Kagan and homosexuality

Andrew Sullivan is not alone in wanting to know but for different reasons: "Blogger draws criticism...
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The 9th of May and before seeing anything about Andrew Sullivan's demanding to know if Elena Kagan is a lesbian, I had asked in a post about whether she is.

Many people are concerned that freedom of religious exercise and speech are being attacked in the US as never before. Both are in the US Bill of Rights. Sweden, for instance, has punished a Christian for preaching that homosexuality is a sin in our religion, and many in the US want to move in Sweden's direction. Some things Swedish are better than others. Christian persecution isn't one of them. Mind you, as I've said many times, I'm opposed to coercion (per Jesus Christ) against homosexuals.

I'm also concerned that Kagan is a Zionist. Zionists have committed gross war crimes and other crimes on a massive scale relative to the populations of Israel and Palestine and Lebanon, etc. It would be a terrible mistake to elevate a Zionist to the judgment seat.    

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