Ex-Senator Will Soon Quit 9/11 Panel, Leaving Gap for Victims' Advocates - NYTimes.com

Tom Usher wrote or added | "...Cleland said that the [9/11] commission had 'gotten off to a slow start' and that the agreement...for access to the intelligence briefings was the final proof for him that 'this commission will be compromised in its final report.' 'We have limited access for a limited number of commissioners to a limited number of these Presidential Daily Briefings,' Mr. Cleland said.... 'All of the commissioners should have had full access to all of the documents, and that will be the fatal flaw....'"

The cover-up is not that the intelligence community failed to coordinate. They are all compartmentalized below the President who can share across the agencies in his branch all he wants. The cover-up is about the who, what, where, when, and why within and without the US government facilitating 9/11.

To the "lefty" naysayers who say the official Bush-43 administration version of the conspiracy is good enough, you're dupes. Neocon-Zionists laugh you to scorn for your gullibility.

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