Greens Take Aim at Offshore Drilling Allowance in Senate's New Climate Bill |

Greens Take Aim at Offshore Drilling Allowance in Senate's New Climate Bill |
Tom Usher wrote or added | "Bill Snape, senior counsel...Center for Biological Diversity. '...the policy response to this disaster in the Gulf ought to be a moratorium on all offshore oil drilling.'"

Kerry-Lieberman is a disaster. It calls for more nuclear plants when the money should go to solar, wind, & geothermal. It encourages the stupid clean-coal notion, a waste of effort since clean, sustainables are available. It stops the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Doesn't it contain the infamous, debunked Cap and Trade scheme, nothing but garbage from Wall Street banksters who make Las Vegas dons look like saints. At least roulette wheels are regulated and one can calculate the odds.

John Kerry should have his head examined for authoring such an anti-environmentalism bill and especially with fascist-Zionist Joe Lieberman who is for torture, bombing Iran without evidence, and stripping suspects of Miranda Rights. What a mess.    

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