Maan News Agency: Report: Israel training to block Freedom Flotilla

Tom Usher wrote or added | Israel reportedly has said it will prevent the Freedom Flotilla "at any price." Are the lives on the Flotilla worth the price to the fascists of stopping them from breaking the illegal siege? Have the utterly depraved Israelis just threatened mass murder?

Zionists don't own Gaza. No one gave Zionists the right to blockade Gaza.

If Israel harms a hair on anyone's head in the flotilla; stops the goods from reaching the Gazans; seizes any of the boats or interferes with their free and clear sailing right to Gaza, unloading, and then leaving unobstructed and at will; goes into Gaza to molest the Gazans; or ever again interferes with the importing or exporting of peaceful goods or movement of peaceful people to or from Gaza; Israel must fall to be replaced by a decent government not of fascist monsters these Zionists have shown themselves to be.

Jews who reject evil, misnomered Zionism, are not to be held responsible for the numerous crimes of the Zionist Project since its inception.

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