Offshore oil drilling has been insane from inception: Deepwater Disaster Blues

Tom Usher wrote or added | This is a great, very important, urgent message from Greenpeace.

Offshore oil drilling has been insane from inception. It never should have been allowed and wouldn't have been if I had been making the decisions. We would have been solar, wind, and geothermal decades ago if I had had my way. There would also already be no nuclear energy plants because the other methods would have received the research and development efforts to make even the next so-called generation of nuclear long since obsolete.

Barack Obama is a terrible President relative to how a truly smart, wise, and good leader could be and should be. It's up to the people the leaders they choose to follow.

The Tea Party approach is dead wrong, although I sympathize with their frustrations. Keynesianism after the crash was right in the mundane sense, but Obama's people deliberately sabotaged it by plowing the money into parked Treasuries rather than investing in Main Street. They bailed out the banksters on the people's backs.

Larry Clark

Do you enjoy facebook? Youur computer? Your auto? Your stove that heats your food? The furnace that heats your house? The job you have? All possible because of oil. Yes, we have a responsibility to do all we can to protect the environment but until our government gives real incentives for companies to earn from new energies we will be relying on oil. Unfortunately wind and sun energy generation will not produce what we need. Nuclear and natural gas could help reduce that need. I believe we need to rethink how we tap oil in the deep ocean.

Tom Usher

Larry Clark,

Ah, Larry, you're a real, live, oil-industry shill (witting?) or someone who knows little to nothing about clean, sustainable, alternative energy systems that could easily have satisfied the world's electrical needs long ago.

Did you read my post? I said we would have been off oil long ago had I had my way about it. Foot dragging for the sake of the superrich, greedy, oil-industry, Pentagon, and foolish Empire is the only reason we haven't been completely off oil for decades now.

By the way, my energy is hydro and wind, so please don't tell me about my energy sources. I've purchased 9 gallons of gas since February of 2007. The gauge still reads nearly full and it's not broken.

The oil industry stinks. I loathe it. It's not necessary, and hasn't been, ever. The sooner it's gone the better.




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