Twitter-Session Digest for: May 13, 2010

  1. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 13, 2010 #

  2. There're good & bad globalists. The US trade deficit was created by global predators preying on middle- & low-class Americans & others. #

  3. Bad "Free Trade" Agreements (FTAs) = US trade deficit. FTAs = anti-environment & worker safety & rights: evil exploitation/lower standards. #

  4. Some people avoid mention of the deliberate lowering of environmental and worker safety and rights standards when discussing trade deficits. #

  5. If NAFTA had required environmental & worker laws at America's level at the time, the US would not have bled jobs & Mexico would have risen. #

  6. "Race to the bottom" is correctly aimed at "Free Trade" Agreements foisted on us by greedy international financiers & corporatists: Neolibs. #

  7. Of course, the movement of American manufacturing to cheaper labor and very harmful standards in Mexico also explains China's rise via FTAs. #

  8. Meanwhile, the Tea Party doesn't have a clue about how to remember that NAFTA was roundly hated by both the Reform Party and the old left. #

  9. FTA lovers are dupes of bad globalists of the WTO, Washington Consensus, unnecessary austerity measures: neolibs, corporatists, elitists... #

  10. Republicans lied to cause the invasion & occupation of Iraq & the economic crisis & more. It's dumb to vote Republican (or Democratic). #

  11. "Arizona's Immigration Law Is Popular" with people who haven't read it & don't understand "reasonable suspicion" or "probable cause." #

  12. Def. Min. Ehud Barak, Int. Min. Yishai & For. Min. Lieberman aren't your friends. "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3) #

  13. Yishai & Lieberman to Pub. Sec. Min. Aharonovitch: police will continue destroying Arab East Jerusalem homes. Fascists! #

  14. Ex-Senator Will Soon Quit 9/11 Panel, Leaving Gap for Victims' Advocates - via @AddToAny #

  15. Maan News Agency: Report: Israel training to block Freedom Flotilla via @AddToAny #

  16. 'Smart dust' aims to monitor everything via @AddToAny #

  17. Secret carpet-bombings shows how 9/11 inside job can still be "secret": "What I learned in Afghan... #

  18. "left gatekeepers" and the Stabilized Version of the Zapruder Film via @AddToAny #

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