Twitter-Session Digest for: May 13, 2010

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  2. Twitter-Session Digest for: May 9, 2010 via @AddToAny #

  3. "Pentagon tries aroma therapy to ease combat stress" Try no combat. It works better. #

  4. Marcy Winograd Debates Jane Harman, Harman Flees From Stage . #

  5. Massey deep miner reveals Massey practices underground . #

  6. Israel Bans the Basics of Life . #

  7. Ring of Fire Exclusive Oil Spill Coverage - Pt. 1/4 . #

  8. The Deepwater Horizon disaster was not an Act of God but of greedy oil-industry devils. Obama did not want it to happen. He's not green. #

  9. Renewable Energy Solution of the Month - Wind . #

  10. Invisible Empire Part 1 . #

  11. Invisible Empire Part 2 . #

  12. Invisible Empire Part 3 . #

  13. Invisible Empire Part 4 . #

  14. Invisible Empire Part 6 . #

  15. Invisible Empire Part 5 . #

  16. Invisible Empire Part 7 . #

  17. Invisible Empire Part 8 . #

  18. Invisible Empire Part 9 . #

  19. Invisible Empire Part 10 . #

  20. Invisible Empire Part 11 . #

  21. Invisible Empire Part 12 . #

  22. Homosexual Elena Kagan thinks anti-homosexual-marriage laws are unconstitutional. Will a Senator raise it during the confirmation hearing? #

  23. The neoliberal policies against Haiti made it a basket case. Now the neolibs are going to contaminate Haiti even more with toxic pesticides. #

  24. American liberals are culpable. The US is murdering merely supposed suspects reported almost always as positively identified militants. #

  25. It's a shame what the neocons and neolibs have done to Iraq. It was all unnecessary & is still backfiring. #

  26. With mining disasters in America, China, and Russia, who's receiving the message? #

  27. New Labour Party and Liberal Democrats versus Liberal Democrats and Conservatives is hardly debatable. It's Labour-Liberals. #

  28. Well, I read in the mainstream news that Elena Kagan is an "out" lesbian. Now I'm reading that it's not known. What is going on? #

  29. Eric Holder wants not to Mirandize terror suspects. Miranda is to help protect against abuse. So he wants to be able to abuse people. #

  30. The fastest way to the top is the bottom. #

  31. BP's keeping the ingredients of the oil dispersants a secret is illegal. No one has a right to dump secret ingredients into our oceans. #

  32. It's easy to be popular, just lie. #

  33. The Social Democrat wing of the Liberal Democrats just got shafted by the Libertarian wing. Say goodbye to social welfare, suckers. #

  34. Brilliant Britons: The move to deregulation by the right caused the crash, and what do the people vote for but moving further to the right. #

  35. Israeli's fascist Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, criticizes North Korea for selling weapons, but Israel is a huge weapons exporter. #

  36. Hey, Avigdor, sign a mutual total-disarmament pact with every nation in the world rather than just endlessly shooting off your mouth. #

  37. AZ Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill against ethnic studies she claims promote ethnic solidarity & resentment against Whites. #

  38. There's nothing wrong with the right kind of ethnic solidarity, & resentment against Whites who are racists is certainly understandable. #

  39. What Jan Brewer ought to teach is the truth including that there have been, & still are, racist Whites & that it's best not to be bitter. #

  40. It has to get a lot worse before it gets better; but even though it has gotten much worse, people aren't banding in real righteousness. #

  41. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said, "The production of energy will never be without...environmental consequence." That's an oil-industry lie. #

  42. In favor of oil money & in the face of a massive oil leak, Lisa Murkowski's "environmental consequence" statement says windmills are bad. #

  43. The oil lobby is telling the Senator's staffs how oil-Senators should dance around with words. Clean energy is doable, so knock it subtly. #

  44. May, 1 12th of the year, is designated by Obama as "Jewish American Heritage Month." How many whatever-Americans are thusly ignored? Money! #

  45. Andrew Sullivan is not alone in wanting to know but for different reasons: Elena Kagan and homosexuality question #

  46. "87% Say English Should Be U.S. Official Language." If that means that there can't be Spanish-version ballots, it's needlessly phobic. #

  47. 40% of US voters say good citizen & patriot are the same thing. Is a patriot one who stands against waterboarding & other forms of torture? #

  48. Deepwater Disaster Blues . #

  49. Life in Iraq was bad under Saddam Hussein. It's even worse now for many. The US invasion & occupation have been nothing short of criminal. #

  50. "U.S. military strategists are...shifting gears...large-scale counterinsurgency efforts cost too much and last too long." Who didn't know? #

  51. "...the Pentagon thinks it must train local populations to fight insurgents." The Pentagon is stupid. #

  52. Iran will show the world how it's done if it releases the "hikers" to their mothers when they visit Iran. If only the US were that gracious. #

  53. Hamas should do as Dmitry Medvedev suggests. Release Gilad Shalit without any strings attached. Show up (reveal) Zionism a million fold. #

  54. Deregulation allowed financial meltdown & the Deepwater Horizon leak. Ronald Reagan fronted for the anti-New Deal frenzy. It's been idiotic. #

  55. A Roman Catholic school didn't take an 8-year-old of lesbian "parents." Lesbianism is against RC teachings. It's protected free exercise. #

  56. The Bill of Rights doesn't "establish" atheism/agnosticism. It guarantees the free exercise of religion. Do homosexuals want to overturn it? #

  57. The oil leak hasn't dimmed public's desire for offshore drilling: Associated Press-GfK Poll. No wonder the world is going to Hell: Stupid!!! #

  58. Independents are shifting against Democrats but don't like Republicans but will vote for them rather than an alternative party. Sleeping! #

  59. 37 Senators voted for Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 language to audit the Fed. 96 voted for Bernie Sanders' reportedly severely watered-down version. #

  60. Ron Paul said "[A]greements with foreign central banks are not touched by the new Sanders Amendment language": bad, weak, and caved. Shame. #

  61. The more US Attorney General Eric Holder talks, the more I'm reminded of John Ashcroft. #

  62. Do you really think there aren't people still being hung on the walls of dark CIA dungeons who are totally innocent and dying? #

  63. AZ Gov. Jan Brewer bans ethnic studies supposedly teaching hate. How about modifying the "questionable parts" instead of wholesale banning? #

  64. Offshore oil drilling has been insane from inception: Deepwater Disaster Blues via @AddToAny #

  65. Obama should keep his promise against commercial whaling, but he doesn't care #

  66. Palestinian infant dies after inhaling teargas fired by IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) #

  67. Greens Take Aim at Offshore Drilling Allowance in Senate's New Climate Bill | #

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