Statement from Alan Chambers Regarding Exodus and Dawson McAllister

A BLOG BY ALAN CHAMBERS: Statement from Alan Chambers Regarding Exodus and Dawson McAllister
Tom Usher wrote or added | Wow, Clear Channel Communications' "diversity" is exclusionary of all ex-homosexuals, those wanting to be, or who are working at it. Clear Channel is stating that change is impossible: a flat out lie. Frankly, Clear Channel stinks on a host of issues not the least of which is violence, which they advocate. Obviously, greed is also more important to them. They stick their fingers in their mouths and then into the hypnotized "consumer" wind to see which way the money is blowing to determine their corporate "diversity" policy.

When the crypto-Jew, homosexual, pedophile Nazi (it wasn't publicly known at the time; may he see the light) Frank "Collin" Cohen wanted to march in Skokie, Illinois where there were many Jewish survivors of Nazi concentration camps, the ACLU came to Frank's aid. Had they known he was of Jewish ethnic descent and a homosexual, they probably would still have come to his aid for the sake of freedom of expression (political speech) no matter how onerous or odorous.    

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