Christian preacher on trial for "public order" offences after saying homosexuality is a sin

Tom Usher wrote or added | Let's see. It used to be where homosexuals would be arrested and held in jail cells for openly preaching that homosexuality is not a sin. They whined about that, claiming it wasn't fair or "constitutional," etc. They said they weren't being given the same rights as Christians or people of other religions and that all they wanted was equal treatment. Now though, we have the fascist (yes, that cop is a fascist!) homosexuals going about arresting Christians for stating their Christian beliefs (which happen also to be correct). Where is the "left"?

I was one at the time who said to let the homosexuals have their say since the rights of the religious and others could be taken away, but now the old adage "give them an inch, and they'll take a mile" comes to mind. The fascist camel put its nose under the tent. Some people think that nose should have been whacked back when.

I believe, no I know, that humanity needs to come to its senses. Having fascist homosexuals going about in public spaces arresting Christians is insane. Anyone who supports that will find himself or herself on the receiving end of his or her own evil double-standard.    

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