Nakba protesters in San Francisco versus self-styled Zionist-Christian

This post began as a reply comment on Facebook.

I watched this YouTube video last night of Nakba protesters in San Francisco. The main speaker gave hope to the crowd that word is spreading. It's very difficult to penetrate the fascist mind (thickheaded) so that it reflects upon the errors (hypocrisy) of its way; however, people are finding it more and more difficult to ignore the fact that Zionism was evil and racist from the outset.

Christianity, in name only, is largely responsible for letting the Zionists have their way all this time. That Jesus came out from the Jews is the stumbling block for so many. They tend to gloss over that the prophets throughout the Old Testament rebuked and rebuked the children and tribes of Jacob (Israel) for the exact same things that the Zionists are doing right now.

There truly is no such thing as a Zionist-Christian where Zionism is what Theodor Herzl started.

His initial plan was to go anywhere, with Uganda being a prime consideration, where the Zionists would exploit the locals with hard labor building up the infrastructure and then cleans them from their own land when no longer needed as little more than draft and pack animals.

How anyone could support the legacy of that at the late date of 1948, after the holocaust that included an estimated 5 million non-Jews (a Zionist "estimate") during a world war in which an estimated 20 million Russians lost their lives is just beyond the pale. (Tolstoy put it at around 10 million by the Nazis and 20 million by Stalin and the NKVD.)

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