Disappointed "just a little bit" by the huge liar, Barack Obama: "Obama and Civil Liberties" | Mother Jones

Tom Usher wrote or added | "I am, fundamentally, an admirer of Barack Obama. I like his temperament, I like his worldview, and I like his management style. As I've said before, he has a habit of disappointing me just a little bit on an almost routine basis, but most of the time that doesn't interfere with my basic admiration. The one exception has been his attitude toward civil liberties and terrorism."

Holy Spirit, save us from these people who are disappointed "just a little bit" by the huge liar, Barack Obama, except for concerning "civil liberties and terrorism" where then the dots seem to connect (just a little bit).

Man, oh son of Man, "unlike Glenn [Greenwald], I'm [Kevin Drum] not a hardcore defender of civil liberties in every conceivable circumstance." Well, why don't you ask Glenn how he can envision a world in which hardcore defense of civil liberties can be consistent with addressing the grievances of the world's oppressed and poor such that terrorism against the Empire might not be an issue. I don't agree with everything Glenn Greenwald, but I know he's smart enough to understand that the civil liberties that are being destroyed by the neocon/neolib juggernaut are not mutually exclusive of a peaceful, safe, and secure world, quite the contrary.

Ye of little faith!

Thank you, Khmais [He had selected "like" on Facebook concerning my link and statement]. Palestine will be free. Real Jews will live in peace with Arabs with no evil oppression of anyone: The New Heaven and New Earth, my brother!

Khmais Bouguerra

You are welcome Tom ! I wonder when the world will understand that there has never been a problem between people from different faiths, whether jews, muslims, christians, boudhists, atheists or else ! There is no hate between them ! they have always lived in peace together and everywhere, like in my country tunisia, where many jews live , work and enjoy life ! The problem is zionism, imperialism, colonisation , war crimes and children and women massacres ! It's about inhumane treatment of humans, violation of elementary human rights ! I am sure that real, good jews don't support this !

I hope all this will stop, and all live in peace , cooperation and love !

I replied:

Much of the confusion comes from the question not only of self-defense but also of preemptive and so-called preventative attacks. The difference between the Old and New Testament shows this clearly. God in the Old Testament is held out as violently corrective – one God, God and Satan combined in many respects. God in the New Testament is held out by Jesus as being fed up with people misconstruing God's desires as those of the proverbial Satanic spirit. I go with Jesus on it.

The hyper-orthodox Talmudic Jews, especially in Israel but also in parts of New York, don't agree with Jesus but hate him. I do know that there are those who call themselves Muslims who appear to be willing not to force their religion on others. There are those though who insist on everyone living under their concept of sharia that is not in keeping with the pacifism of Jesus. Obviously there have been people calling themselves Christians down through the ages who are really Old Testament rather than New. All the Crusades, among many other actions, show that plainly. Many Buddhists and Hindus are total pacifists and non-coercive. Unfortunately, we see that some Buddhists have taken up arms on occasion, such as Tibetans, and many nationalist Indians espouse Hindutva that has often manifested mass violence against those of other faiths.

I know that of all these, Jesus alone has spoken to my heart. That threatens many in their minds, although it shouldn't unless they are confused about violence or greed or some other form of selfishness. Jesus's real thoughts alone threaten the Zionists and Imperialist Americans for that reason.

One day, the world will acknowledge Jesus as having done no wrong in his ministry but preached only what was and will remain beneficial in the most ultimate sense. If they had only listened, think of how the world would have been all this time.

I can't emphasize enough to the Palestinians, and especially Hamas, that the way of Jesus is the one and only path for them to throw off the extremely heavy yoke of the Zionists and Talmudists. The whole world will side with them if they renounce violence and simply ask for a complete redressing of their completely legitimate grievances against the Herzlites.

Peace to you, and thank you for your encouragement and input.

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