Privatization vampires want it all: "Campaign to cut entitlements in the U.S." Part Two

Tom Usher wrote or added | Tom Ferguson, Professor of Political Economy, University of Massachusetts, ends Part II here with the statement that the President (Obama) needs to decide whose President he is.

Oh, he knows who owns him. He's beholden to those who gave him the most money (the banksters) and have made the biggest promises if he does what he's told and keeps up the acting job that's been worthy of ten Oscars.

That's why he's gathered together the worse economic advisors possible who had made up their minds decades ago that the world is a game where he who takes the most from others wins, only it's not true. The winner of that game is the biggest loser in the end, but how do I convince those who believe that there's nothing after this something?

Well, I denounce their lies. I denounce that they won't allow the more intelligent opposition to speak for the same amount of time in the same numbers on all the major media outlets so the so-called democracy can have a truly informed electorate for once in history – having all the various options, arguments, and points before them. It was called "equal time for opposing views."

Watch how they silence the opposition that has the better answers just as they refused to allow the single-payer option in the Senate hearing.

It's a railroad, ladies and gentlemen.

You are inferior and undeserving simply because you have any compassion. Only the sociopaths who can lie and twist and spin evil into good deserve material comforts and are worthy to make any decisions. That's what they think. That's what they're selling. Are you buying it yet again? Are you still sucking in the Obama bull? Do you "like" him solely because he's the first Black (half Black) President? That's why they chose him, to fool you along those lines.

Snakes come in all colors, my friends. Wake up. Speak out. Write the truth. Many of you have writing positions where if you all start at the same time, it will be all but impossible to turn back the truth. They'd have to murder us all. Anyway, some things are really worth dying for.

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