Privatization vampires want it all: U.S. retirement benefits to be cut?

Tom Usher wrote or added | Robert Greenstein, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, and Tom Ferguson, Professor of Political Economy, University of Massachusetts, are right on in this video. The rest of them are shills for privatization.

Cutting entitlements is absolutely not necessary. Ending the Federal Reserve System and Neoliberal economics worldwide is.

This was all planned out before the crash. I wrote that this was their plan to railroad in privatization so the rich will get richer still while the middle class is crushed into fighting for the scraps of minimum wages. Remember, the wealth gap right now is the highest in American history. When it was at its lowest average, America was at its peak in the world (approximately 1950).

These stinking people are the same ones who created the deregulation environment that caused the crash. If you listen to them rather than to those who are dead set against them, you will regret it if you even remember your error – Americans suffer from historic amnesia. They let the Svengalis of the world banksters lull them into a stupor of changed subjects.

The problem is not, I repeat, is not with the deficit. It is solely with interest-bearing currency (privately monopolized money of the Federal Reserve) and where the money is spent (on allowing banksters to borrow at zero percent to buy up competitors, paid huge undeserved bonuses, and to invest at interest paid by your taxes rather than lending to businesses; and Pentagon spending).

These people are asses. Don't listen to them. Don't follow them. Don't fall for their utter garbage. They are only out to get yours and leave you and yours with as little as possible. They are greedy pigs. They are swine Jesus warned of. Casting your pearls before them will cause them to turn on you to rip you apart to devour you. What they are saying is wicked, wicked, wicked!

There was Bill Clinton sitting on the stage with the very ones he said he was a fool to have listened to about deregulation and the neoliberal economic agenda.

Why is anyone listening to Alan Greenspan still for instance? He's been thoroughly discredited in terms of having two economic brain cells to rub together. He hates Populism for crying out loud. Alan Simpson would eat your children so his kind can have excess.

Let them repent!

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