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Tom Usher wrote or added | The current news is referring back to this 1979 offshore oil-well blowout as having not been much of a problem. It's totally false propaganda from oil-industry shills. Don't believe it for a moment. It was a mess and is still causing problems in ways they don't care to investigate and report.

Steven Baudoin

Thanks for the post. I did not realize that the spill was only 60 miles off the Mexican coast.

Tom Usher

Yes, it's irksome to read the mainstream reporting that it wasn't a big deal and that the ocean has taken care of it all. The "scientists" have not been funded to do a complete before-and-after running up to the present. The oil is toxic. The ripple effects are nearly astronomical when we're only looking at three decades later.

Now there's this new blowout compounding the problems.

There's just zero excuse that they killed the electric car: EV1. The patent rights bought up by the oil industry should have been overturned in the interest of the planet. There was hanky-panky, and a thorough investigative report would turn it up. There was defrauding the people out of a clean environment and better health that take precedence over patent rights on the batteries that the auto industry is still trying to match by other means.

The President could use National Security as a reason to free up the patent rights. That would be the first time National Security would have been used for the right reason in the right way.

These so-called leaders are not good.

Thanks, Steven.

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